WWE Vintage Collection Report (08/28/11)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: August 28th 2011
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Welcome aboard. To begin our “Month of Champions” theme, this week we take a look back at some of the highlights from the WCW Clash of the Champions series. Let’s begin!

Clash of the Champions #30: January 25th 1995
WCW TV Title: Arn Anderson w/Colonel Rob Parker & Meng vs Johnny B. Badd
AA had recently beaten Badd for the title. We join this one in progress. Badd gets the better of an enziguiri exchange. AA catches a float over attempt to ram Badd into the corner. Parker gets in a cheapshot on the floor. AA briefly works over the gut and applies the dreaded chinlock. Badd boxes his way back into contention, only to get drilled with an elbow. AA goes high risk, wisely sees Badd raise his leg and drops an elbow. Badd kicks off a figure four attempt and rallies with a backbodydrop, pair of clotheslines and headscissors. A knockout punch sends AA to the floor. Parker throws a jug of iced water over AA to revive him. Meng causes a distraction then assists AA back into the ring. Badd chases Parker on the floor and back into the ring, where a waiting AA puts out Badd’s lights with a DDT. 1-2-3. The champ retains. AA boasts he did it “all by himself” after the bell. Sure you did Arn! Winner: ARN ANDERSON.

Eric Bischoff interviews Sting, Dustin Rhodes and Davey Boy Smith ahead of a six man tag match with Big Van Vader, Ravishing Rick Rude and Sid Vicious. Bischoff calls it the “calm before the storm.” Rhodes says it’s a “tremendous opportunity” before stating Rude’s “number is up.” Rhodes then absurdly boasts about his team being the greatest threesome ever to team in professional wrestling history. Davey simply calls his team “the triple threat.” Simple yet effective from the Bulldog. A pumped up Sting ends the promo yelling that while their opponents are the masters of the powerbomb, he won’t let anyone master him.

Clash of the Champions #23: June 17th 1993
Big Van Vader, Sid Vicious & Ravishing Rick Rude w/Harley Race vs Sting, Davey Boy Smith & Dustin Rhodes
Vader and Sid catch Rude from a Sting press slam and try launching him across the ring, but Sting ducks. Rhodes takes over on Rude. Vader tries to interfere, but ends up falling on top of Rude. Sid briefly gets caught up in the wrong corner. Sting uses the ropes to give Sid a wedgie. Sting and Rhodes level Sid with clotheslines from the apron, while Davey Boy puts him down with a flying tackle. Rhodes mauls Vader in the corner and even manages to suplex the Mastodon. Rhodes comes unstuck when he goes high risk, which prompts Rude to shake the ropes and cause Rhodes to miss with a flying elbow. Rhodes kicks out after a Vader Bomb, only to get hit with a delayed inverted suplex from Rude.

Rhodes manages to reverse a Rude suplex, but ends up getting thrown around by Sid then pounded in the corner by Vader. Rhodes catches air Vader with a powerslam, then manages to reverse a piledriver on Rude. The referee doesn’t see Sting tag. Sid pulls Rhodes back to the heel corner. Sting and Davey Boy come in anyway and we get a six man brawl. Sting goes to splash Vader on the floor, but hits the guardrail. Vader knocks out Rhodes with a shot from Rude’s briefcase containing the U.S title, allowing Rude to pick up the pinfall. Vader gives Davey Boy a powerbomb after the bell. Sting comes to the rescue by grabbing the briefcase, which is enough to clear the ring. Winners: BIG VAN VADER, SID VICIOUS & RAVISHING RICK RUDE.

Clash of the Champions #28: August 24th 1994
WCW U.S Title: Stunning Steve Austin vs Ricky “The Dragon” Steamboat
If Austin is DQed he loses the title. Austin has “Dragon Slayer” written on the back of his black trunks. Steamboat outwrestles Austin on the mat early on, keeping an armbar applied. Steamboat surprises Austin on the floor with a chop. Back inside, Steamboat reverses a sleeper. Austin uses a jawbreaker to escape. Steamboat stays one step ahead of Austin, who charges shoulder first into the ringpost. Steamboat goes to work on the arm and lands a chop from the top rope. Blacktop Bully (aka Demolition Smash, Repo Man etc) is shown in the crowd in a red shirt, shades and a white cap cheering on Austin. The announcers identify him as a “loudmouth fan.” Austin escapes an armbar then resorts to cheapshots to swing the match into his favour.

Austin prevents several superplex attempts, first headbutting Steamboat, then suplexing him off the second rope. Steamboat catches Austin in mid-air with a gut punch. Austin retaliates by turning Steamboat’s cross body attempt into a faceplant. Austin gets all cocky as he starts to slap and shove Steamboat, even busting out a retro Hollywood Blondes filming taunt. Steamboat gets mad and leg dives Austin, before punching and chopping away on the champion. Steamboat catches Austin in a spinebuster. Austin tries to climb the ropes, but gets caught with an electric chair drop. Steamboat gets several nearfalls from a variety of pinfall attempts. Austin lands a desperation clothesline and sends Steamboat over the top rope, but the Dragon skins the cat back in and rolls Austin up for two. Austin goes for a slam, but Steamboat rolls through, hooks the leg and this time he gets the 1-2-3. Winner: RICKY “THE DRAGON” STEAMBOAT.

Clash of the Champions #17: November 19th 1991
WCW World Heavyweight Title: Lex Luger w/Harley Race & Mr Hughes vs Rick Steiner w/Scott Steiner
Hughes is ejected right from the get-go. Luger spends a lot of time stalling inbetween Rick getting the better of him from several lockups and takedowns. Fans continually pelt garbage at Luger. Rick tackles, turns a leapfrog into a powerslam, then clotheslines Luger into a re-think on the floor.

Rick wins a slugfest with the champion. Luger reverses an irish whip to send Rick crashing front first into the corner. Luger crotches Rick on the ropes, then hits a pair of clotheslines. Rick reverses a suplex. Luger pokes the eyes to keep the advantage. Luger tosses Rick to the floor so Race can get a cheap shot in. Luger comes out to send Rick into the guardrail. Back inside, Rick shakes off Luger’s attacks and fires back with right hands and a powerslam.

Rick connects with his patented top rope bulldog, but Luger manages to get a foot on the bottom rope. Rick lands a belly-to-belly from the second rope, prompting Hughes to come back out. Scott cuts Hughes off and gives him a Frankensteiner in the middle of the ring. Rick catches Race on the apron and suplexes him into the ring. During the chaos, Luger grabs his title and knocks out Rick with it to pick up the cheap victory. A battered and bruised Luger heads to the back with his entourage sporting a cut lip. The crowd really got behind Rick towards the end. Winner: LEX LUGER.

This was a strong start to the monthly theme. No duds or stinkers were included. Austin/Steamboat was a good match, as was the multiperson tag in parts.

Okerlund promises a “thrilling title tournament” for next week’s show.

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