WWE Vintage Collection Report (08/12/12)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: August 12th 2012
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Hola, Amigos! This week, the “Best in the World” series takes us to Latin America.

WWE SmackDown: May 20th 2004
Cruiserweight Title: Chavo Guerrero vs Chavo Classic vs Spike Dudley
Spike falls victim to the predictable double team until he manages to toss Classic and give Junior a headscissors and running treadmill in the corner. Classic trips Spike to bring the two-on-one odds back into play. Classic rolls Spike up for a nearfall. Spike avoids a Guerrero irish whip as Junior crashes and burns in the corner. Spike takes both down with a high cross body and double headscissors. Spike tackles Classic through the ropes. Spike foils a Gory Bomb and a backdrop to hit Junior with the Dudley Dog. A mid-ring collision puts Spike on the floor and Chavo classic on top of his nephew for the fortunate pin. Both Guerreros stand in disbelief before Classic celebrates his victory. Winner: CHAVO CLASSIC. The finish was cleverly done, but the novelty of Chavo Classic wore off quick as he dropped the title to Rey Mysterio and was fired after missing a house show.

WWE Great American Bash: July 24th 2005
The Mexicools vs The bWo
Both factions were fighting over the right to interfere in matches and exchanged promos on Velocity and WWE.com. The bWo come out on Big Wheels to stick it to the Mexicools and their Juan Deeres. Juventud trips Hollywood Nova and showboats in the corner. Super Crazy and Psicosis take a Meanie avalanche from Da Blue Guy before the bWo clear the ring. Nova points the Hogan-esque finger at Super Crazy, allowing Juventud to land a springboard kick from behind. Crazy lands a basement dropkick inbetween a couple of Juventud armbars. Nova plants Juventud with a big boot. Big Stevie Cool elevates Psicosis with a backbodydrop. Juventud misses a high cross body and favours his knee. Stevie crotches himself after Psicosis sidesteps a corner charge. A Crazy moonsault is quickly followed by a Psicosis guillotine legdrop for the Uno, Dos, Tres. Winners: THE MEXICOOLS. A rushed match which ended up serving no purpose as the bWo disappeared and the Mexicools turned face and feuded with the FBI on Velocity.

WWF Superstars: April 13th 1996
Stone Cold Steve Austin w/Ted DiBiase vs The Caribbean Kid
Austin was feuding with Savio Vega, but after beating the Puerto Rican at WrestleMania, denied him a rematch. DiBiase agreed to sign an open contract, so Vega’s “close friend,” the Caribbean Kid stepped in, sporting a Puerto Rican mask. The mystery man outwrestles a frustrated Austin on the mat to begin. Austin briefly targets a leg. A slugfest ensues and Austin fails to pull off the mask. Austin makes another play for the mask in the corner, but gets shoved down. Austin cuts off a fightback with an STF, but the Kid slithers to the bottom rope. Austin avoids a blind cross body and positions himself for the Million Dollar Dream, only to get caught with a rollup for the 1-2-3. The Caribbean Kid hands Austin his first TV loss, then unmasks in the aisle. To the shock of no-one, it was Savio Vega all along. Austin would lose a Caribbean Strap match to Vega to rid himself of DiBiase, but would decisively beat the Puerto Rican in future matches. Vega would also be one of the first recipients of the Stone Cold Stunner.

WWF Superstars: January 31st 1987
Tito Santana & Pedro Morales vs The Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff w/Slick
Arriba! Morales was the first WWF Triple Crown winner. Volkoff barely gets started with the Soviet National Anthem before he and Sheik are attacked, as the Latinos clear the ring. Morales gets caught in the wrong corner. Heel miscommunication leads to Volkoff kicking Sheik off the apron by mistake. Chico dropkicks Volkoff, before taking a knee in the back from Sheik. Chico absorbs a Sheik clothesline and gutwrench, before reversing a suplex. Morales catches Sheik with a backbreaker, but Volkoff breaks up a pin to prompt a brawl. Slick jumps on the apron to hit Chico with his cane for the DQ, which is a shame as things were starting to pick up. Slick tries to run, but gets sandwiched inbetween the Latinos. Chico slams the Doctor of Style to a big crowd pop and Butch Reed ends up carrying him to the back. This was quite a random selection with a disappointing finish. Winners via DQ: TITO SANTANA & PEDRO MORALES.

WWE SmackDown: September 9th 2005
Steel Cage: Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio
Eddie’s failure to beat Rey throughout the year and prize son Dominick away from him at SummerSlam left him with a 0-7 record against the masked marvel. This is Latino Heat’s last chance at revenge on the premiere episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Eddie slowly advances to beat up Rey in the corner then throw him into the cage from a powerbomb position. Rey retaliates with an armdrag and monkey flip. Eddie lets out a smile when Rey realises that the cage is preventing him from landing the 619. Eddie thwarts an escape effort by getting Rey on his shoulders, so Rey delivers a sunset flip powerbomb. Eddie prevents another climb by yanking Rey from the cage and crotching him across the top rope.

We return to see Eddie take Rey down with a side Russian legsweep from the top rope. Part of Rey’s mask is ripped. Eddie goes to elevate Rey, but the masked man quickly scampers up the cage. Both duke it out on top of the cage and tease falling off, until they climb back in and Rey rolls the dice to land a desperation dropkick. Rey is first to respond to a referee’s count, but Eddie plants him with a DDT. Eddie makes a beeline for the door. Rey desperately grabs Eddie’s legs and trunks to haul him back in. Rey hits an inverted bulldog to take us into our final break.

Eddie catches Rey on the top rope and attempts a powerbomb, but Rey counters with a hurracanrana. That move comes at a price as Rey favours his knee. Undeterred, Rey makes another climb, kicking off Eddie, but Latino Heat avoids a high cross body as Rey crashes and burns. Eddie goes to walk out the door, but stops to look back at Rey and isn’t satisfied. Eddie goes for the exclamation mark and hits a frog splash for the 1-2-3. Eddie trash talks Rey after the bell. Winner: EDDIE GUERRERO.

Two more sets of countries to go. Canada and Africa seem the logical choices.

Until we meet again, hasta luego!

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