WWE Superstars TV Report 5-29-15: Luke Harper and Erick Rowan cut the Mega Powers down to size

By James Cox, WrestlingObserver.com

The Big Takeaway:

Heath Slater worked as a babyface, stealing a win from Adam Rose. The new age Mega Powers made it two straight weeks on Superstars, but came up short against Luke Harper and Erick Rowan.

Heath Slater beat Adam Rose (w/ Rosa Mendes) via pinfall (5:06)

Slater and Rose had been working as a tag team up until last week and here Saxton called them ‘The Rock and Rose connection’ which actually would have been a good name for them – I guess you could have booked them against the new Mega Powers. Slater plays babyface here and they start off by exchanging wrist locks. Out of an Irish whip Rose shoulder barges Slater but is then caught with a hip toss and Slater takes him down with a side headlock takedown. Rose uses a head scissors which Slater counters pretty neatly with a head stand and puts the side headlock back on. Slater really has his moments; he’s a decent athlete.

Rose throws Slater off him and when the ref is distracted, Slater gets nailed with an elbow. A quick retaliation from Slater sees him use a clothesline and a heel kick, which gets him a two count. Then, Slater goes to the second rope and lands a forearm drop. Rosa leaps up onto the apron to provide some distraction and Slater takes a clothesline to the back of the head for taking the bait.

Rose beats him down with stomps and then uses a nice snap suplex and goes for a cover. After a kick out at two, Rose applies a sleeper. Slater works his way out, but is then whipped into the turnbuckle. Rose charges at him but runs into a kick and Slater is quick to go up to the second turnbuckle where he jumps off into a sunset flip. He gets two and then runs into Rose who hits him with a spinebuster for two.

Rose then applies a Boston crab, which I haven’t seen him do before under any of his previous monikers. With Jericho in and out of the ring these days, I guess no one is using the move right now in the company. Slater grabs the ropes and is then slapped by Rosa. Rose goes to apply an arm bar but Slater reverses it into la magistral for the win. Nothing wrong with this at all.

Luke Harper and Erick Rowan beat The Mega Powers (Macho Mandow & Curtis Axel) with the discus clothesline (8:06)

For the second week running, the new age Mega Powers topped the bill on this show. The camera zoomed in on the crowd (who are loving the revival of Hogan’s music) and one guy, up in the nosebleeds, in a Hulkamania t-shirt legit looked like he thought that Axel genuinely was Hulk Hogan. Actually, it’s hardly surprising.

Rowan and Mandow start things off, exchanging punches and elbows, until Mandow is floored by Rowan’s shoulder barge. Harper tags in with European uppercuts and Mandow bails out and tags in Axel. Axel mounts the ropes and gives the crowd what they want: the ten count-along punches and a big scoop slam attempt. Harper proves too heavy and topples Axel.

He covers Axel but Mandow dives in to break up the pin. He then sends Harper over the tope rope and then The Mega Powers double clothesline Rowan over the top rope as we head to a break. It’s 1992 as we return and there is a test of strength taking place between Axel and Harper in the ring. Harper wins, of course, and tags in Rowan who then misses a charge so that Mandow can tag in. Rowan takes him down with slaps and headbutts.

Mandow blocks the charge of Rowan, but he then hits him with a high knee and throws Mandow outside. Mandow is quickly up onto the apron and uses a top rope guillotine, and after being distracted for a top rope elbow attempt, runs into the big boot of Rowan.

The pace slows right down as Harper comes in and applies the gator roll and a rear chin lock. When Mandow works his way out he is thrown down and has his eyes raked as Rowan tags in. Rowan applies a clawhold and then hits a scoop slam. He uses a big double leg drop and the points, mimicking Axel.

Mandow works out of chin lock but is hit with a backbreaker. He rolls out of the way of a splash. Harper tags in, goes for a charge to the corner but Mandow dodges it and gives Axel the hot tag. Axel runs wild, tearing his shirt, pointing at Rowan shouting, “you!”, and then blocks the punch, hits the big boot and, finally, the Hogan scoop slam.

Axel then hits the signature Hogan leg drop, but the pin is broken up by Rowan. Mandow comes in and is sent over the top by Rowan. Axel then sends Rowan but turns round to take the discus clothesline from Harper for the win.