WWE Smackdown Live Results (02/20): Six-Women Tag Team Action

The show opens up with Tom Phillips welcoming us to Phoenix. He is joined by Corey Graves & Byron Saxton.
We head to the center of the ring where Renee Young introduces WWE Champion AJ Styles. AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring for an in-ring interview.
Renee asks Styles about the Fatal 5 Way at WWE Fastlane but fans start chanting AJ’s name. Styles hits the corner and poses for the fans as they pop. Renee asks if Styles still feels in control of his own destiny for WrestleMania 34. AJ points up at the banner hanging high and says yeah, he’s still in control. He says that he feels like he can beat anybody that gets in the ring with him, and he knows that sounds cocky but he can back it up and has his whole life.

Styles says that the Fatal Five Way at Fast Lane is a problem, yes, because anything can happen, inside the ring, outside the ring. You see the commentator’s table? It would feel real good to put Kevin Owens through that announce table, but there’s a problem with that, because if he does that, Dolph Ziggler could pin Sami Zayn and he wouldn’t be WWE Champion anymore.
AJ points to the ring steps and says that they are tailor-made for Zayn and he’d love to put Sami’s face into those steps, but in the five-way, again, in the middle of the ring, Ziggler could beat Owens, and there’s nothing he can do about it. Individually, he can take ‘em all. Kevin Owens? Big, athletic, but he can take him. Sami Zayn? Ruthless with or without KO,but he can beat him.
Dolph Ziggler? He’s every bit of the man he says he is, but he’s not Phenomenal. Then we have. Before he could finish what he had to say, Baron Corbin’s music hits.
Baron Corbin makes his way down to the ring. He says that he wants to stop AJ before he says he can beat him and makes a fool out of him. Corbin says that the fact of the matter is the last time they fought, Corbin won the United States Championship, and then he beat him again in the rematch. Corbin says that he has AJ’s number and he knows it, and that’s because there’s a difference between them, Styles is an athlete and the Lone Wolf is a fighter, and he’s gonna enjoy pinning him for the title or he’ll pin somebody else and there’s nothing AJ can do about it, but either way you’re looking at the new WWE Champion.

Kevin Owens then makes his way down to the ring. He says that AJ doesn’t have to worry about running here and there because the only man going through the announce table is him, with a pop-up powerbomb. And Corbin didn’t look so tough last week, he looked like a scared little cub. Baron says that that is funny because when he got back to his feet and they stood face to face, he dropped Owens like a punk.
Owens then says that that is funny for a guy who got handed an opportunity by Shane McMahon, and reminds us that Shane has had it out for him ever since he busted Vince McMahon open with a head-butt. Styles tells Owens that he looks great and asks if he had the boil lanced off his back. Owens is confused and AJ explains that he’s talking about Sami, and Owens mockingly laughs and says he only lost last week because he had no time to prepare.
Shane McMahon’s music hits and out he comes. He says that a lot of talk emanates from the ring tonight, but he doesn’t think talk is what Phoenix, Arizona wants, so he makes a main event match between Baron Corbin and AJ Styles. And as for Owens, he adds to the conspiracy theory by making him a match, right now, against Dolph Ziggler.

Dolph comes out and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we are just in time for the bell of the opening match.
Kevin Owens vs. Dolph Ziggler: Owens and Ziggler start trading punches right off the opening bell. Ziggler tackles Owens, then they get up and Ziggler connects with a dropkick. The fight spills outside where Ziggler throws Owens into the ring apron and fan barricades. Back in the ring, Owens comes back with strikes and starts turning it around, until Ziggler dropkicks Owens. Owens falls to the outside and Ziggler follows him out. Owens reverses a shot on Ziggler and whips him into the ring apron corner. Back inside the ring, Owens misses a senton, and Ziggler hits him with a splash in the corner. Ziggler hits a vertical suplex on Owens next, and then he attempts a splash in the corner, but Owens dodges and Ziggler crashes alone. Owens takes Ziggler outside and whips him into the barricade, then Owens yells at the announcers. Owens takes Ziggler back in the ring and continues beating on him, until Ziggler finally comes back with a DDT out of nowhere. Ziggler follows up with an elbow to the face, then Owens misses a spear in the corner. Ziggler hits a neck-breaker for a two count on Owens. Ziggler looks for the superkick, but Owens dodges it and hits a gut-buster, then a flying elbow drop for two count. They fight up to the top rope, and Owens shoves Ziggler off. Owens goes for a swanton bomb, but Ziggler blocks it with his knees. Ziggler follows up with Fame-asser for a two count. Owens looks for the Pop Up Powerbomb, but Ziggler escapes and hits the Zig Zag for another two count. Ziggler sets up Owens in the corner and charges, but Sami Zayn’s music hits and distracts Ziggler. Sami starts running down the ramp, and then Owens superkicks Ziggler in the back of the head. Zayn stops at ringside as Owens pins Ziggler for the three count. Winner: Kevin Owens
After the match, Owens looks surprised as Sami applauds and backs up the ramp to the back. Owens has his arm raised as we go to replays. Owens rants about the WWE Title as he leaves the ring.
Commentary hypes up the Six-Woman Tag Team Match for later tonight and reminds us about the SmackDown top ten list before tossing to Jinder Mahal walking backstage to send us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and Jinder Mahal is in the ring for a promo.
He says that he has made a discovery that has literally shook him to his core and he believes the people need to know. He says that Bobby Roode has a secret and that he is here to tell us. He has Roode’s personal top ten list, and it’s, in descending order, Zack Ryder, Tye Dillinger, The Usos, Naomi, Becky Lynch, The New Day, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Charlotte Flair, and Roode himself.
Jinder says that he broke the cardinal rule and voted for himself, but also he left Randy Orton off. Just like he said last week, Roode already fancies himself as the new Legend Killer. Bobby is a glorious egomaniac and an inglorious liar.
Bobby Roode’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring. Roode says that Mahal can’t even make a top ten list, but more importantly he wants to be United States Champion so bad that he’s trying to pit Orton against him so bad that he last to keep his eye over his shoulder so he doesn’t get attacked outta nowhere. But in a fair fight, he knows he can’t win.
Jinder admits it that he wants to be United States Champion, but he wants Roode to admit that he thinks he’s better than Orton. Roode denies that and Mahal presses him, but Roode again says that he never said that, so Jinder says that he must be scared of Orton. Roode says that he never said any of that, but who isn’t he scared of? Jinder Mahal. Mahal talks about how he should be and Roode cuts him off, yelling to forget Randy Orton, this is about them.
Randy Orton makes his way down to the ring. Orton squares off with Roode and they jaw at each other before Orton clobbers Jinder outta nowhere. Roode dumps Mahal out of the ring, blocks an RKO, and hits the Glorious DDT on the Viper. Bobby goes to celebrate, but Jinder comes back with The Khallas. He and Sunil Singh stands tall.
We head backstage where we see that Daniel Bryan is watching thoughtfully on a monitor, saying that Jinder had a plan and it’s working. Shane McMahon asks him what he’s thinking, and he’s thinking that Roode should defend against Jinder. Shane suggests that Orton answered the open challenge so they should do that, and Bryan says that they’re not on the same page, and they’re not on the same page with the WWE Championship either.
McMahon recounts how we got to the five-way, and Bryan says that when he was made GM it was to run the show but every decision he makes is met with resistance. Shane says that he only resists the emotional decisions, and he makes Roode/Orton final, which sends Bryan off with a Whatever you want, boss.
Charlotte Flair makes her way down to the ring and we go to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we are just in time for the rest of the entrances for the Six-Woman Tag Team Match.
SmackDown Live Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch & Naomi vs. The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan): Logan and Naomi go at it to start. Naomi fires up on Sarah with a series of kicks, then Becky comes in for more offense. The heels start running in, but Charlotte and Naomi stop them and clean house. The dust settles and Ruby and Becky are going at it now. Liv and Naomi tag in, and Naomi goes a split-legged moonsault, but Ruby and Logan pulls their partner out of the way to safety. Naomi jumps down onto everyone on the floor, but Liv gets up and throws her into the ring steps. Liv takes Naomi in the ring for a two count, then tags in Logan. Logan works on keeping Naomi grounded now, and hits some big strikes in the corner. Naomi finally fights away and hits a head scissors. Charlotte gets the tag and cleans house. Charlotte hits a neck-breaker and a big boot to Logan. Charlotte goes to knock Liv off the apron again, but Logan takes out Charlotte’s knee from behind. After some more back and forth brawling in the ring, the aprons clear and chaos unfolds. It comes down to Ruby and Becky in the ring, and Ruby hits the Riott Kick for the three count. Winners: The Riott Squad (Ruby Riott, Liv Morgan & Sarah Logan)
After the match, The Riott Squad stands tall at ringside as Ruby Riott taunts Charlotte Flair.
We head to the locker room area where we see that Kevin Owens is freaking out and Sami Zayn says that he is here to thank him. Sami says that things have been rocky but he owes everything to Owens and that he is finally where he belongs, main eventing shows and it’s all down to Owens. Sami then says that what Owens needs now is his guardian angel, and he is gonna have his back. Sami then says that he has always been about doing what’s right, and what’s right here is paying back his friend for everything he’s done.
Owens asks if he’s serious and Sami says that he is and they need to turn Shane’s plan to split them against him. Sami also says that together they are more powerful than anybody in the match, and when it’s down to just them, he’ll do the right thing, and lay down for Owens in the center of the ring. Owens doesn’t know what to say, and Sami says he doesn’t need to say anything, he just needs to become champion and go on to main event WrestleMania.
Commentary hypes up the match between AJ Styles & Baron Corbin for later tonight and we head to an area backstage where we see The New Day throwing pancakes on backstage personnel before their #1 contender’s match to send us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a Black History Month video package which is yet again centered on WWE’s visit to the National Civil Rights Museum.
The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods) vs. Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin (SmackDown Live Tag Team Championship #1 Contender’s Match): Woods and Gable start off, and Shelton quickly tags in and hits a spine-buster on Woods for a two count. Benjamin and Woods fight up top, and Woods head-butts Shelton down. Woods follows up with a missile dropkick, then Big E gets the tag. Gable tags in too, as Big E starts cleaning house. After some more back and forth brawling, and an attempted interference by Kofi, Woods gets the pin on Shelton. Winners and New #1 Contenders: The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods)
After the match, The New Day celebrates their title shot as Gable and Benjamin make their exits. The New Day starts tossing pancakes at ringside but the lights go down, the music hits and out comes The Bludgeon Brothers to the stage. The Bludgeon Brothers head to the ring as The New Day watches them. The Bludgeon Brothers make their way past The New Day as they will have a match after the commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we get a promo from Charlotte Flair calling Ruby Riott out for a match. She says that she is willing to put the title on the line if that is the only way to get to Ruby because Ruby is just another victim for her.
The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan) vs. Enhancement Talents: The Bludgeon Brothers immediately nail stereo dropkicks to their opponents, then take them out to the floor and hits them with powerslams. They bring them back into the ring for more big power moves, including the double crucifix powerbomb for the win. Winners: The Bludgeon Brothers (Harper & Rowan)
After the match, The Bludgeon Brothers stand tall as we go to replays.
We get a promo from The Riott Squad where Ruby offers to knock Naomi’s lights out next week. But she says that she hasn’t forgotten about Charlotte, and the only way she’s getting the match is if she brings the title to Fastlane, which Charlotte already offered to do, so the match is made official.
Commentary promotes The WWE Network and hypes up Elimination Chamber and Fastlane.
We get a promo from Baron Corbin where he says that people call him arrogant, cocky, and smug, but he says that he is dangerous, heartless, and better than AJ Styles. At Fastlane, what everyone will know is that he’s the new WWE Champion.
Commentary then sends us to a video package hyping up Shinsuke Nakamura.
AJ Styles makes his way down to the ring to send us to a commercial break.
Back from the commercial break and we are informed that Daniel Bryan has made the match between Charlotte Flair and Ruby Riott official for the SmackDown Live Women’s Title at Fastlane.
WWE Champion AJ Styles vs. Baron Corbin (Non-Title Match): Dolph Ziggler is shown watching from backstage. Corbin hits a big lariat early on for a two count. Corbin looks for a spear in the corner, but AJ moves and Corbin hits the ring post. Corbin and AJ brawl at ringside until Corbin tries to throw AJ into the announce table, but AJ slides over it and isn’t hurt. Corbin rolls back in the ring, and AJ runs over to the apron and hits a springboard punch off the top rope. Corbin takes control again and tries to keep AJ grounded. He takes AJ into the corner and lays into him with punches, then takes him to the top turnbuckle. AJ escapes, but Corbin comes right back with a Deep Six for a two count. AJ comes back with a Calf Crusher, but Corbin reaches the ropes to break the hold. Corbin tries to mount a comeback, but AJ decks him, and then springboards off the top rope for a Phenomenal Forearm on Corbin. AJ pins Corbin and gets the three count. Winner: AJ Styles
After the match, Styles stands tall and raises the WWE Title as we go to replays. Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens hit the ring to beat AJ down as fans boo. Corbin ends up hitting End of Days on Sami and then Owens. Corbin leaves the ring as his music hits and SmackDown goes off the air.

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