WWE Reportedly Unhappy With Sin Cara Publicly Discussing Drug Test Failure

WWE officials are reportedly very upset with Sin Cara publicly discussing the circumstances behind his recent drug test failure with Record, a Mexican sports publication. More specifically, they’re upset with his claim that he didn’t understand why he was being suspended.

The masked grappler believes a routine injection to his knee to alleviate persistent pain containing steroids triggered a false positive. He denied being a steroid user, reasoning that his body could not support it.

Sin Cara said his knee injury treatment is used by numerous wrestlers in Mexico. The treatments are normal for his body, but because it was not in compliance with WWE’s drug testing policy, he was suspended.

Regarding speculation that he may not return to WWE after his suspension is lifted, Sin Cara said his status will be cleared up when he meets with officials this week. He believes he will return to the company.

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source: PWInsider.com