WWE Reportedly Reaches Deal With Anthem to Use “Broken” Gimmick

YEEEEEAAASSS! After returning to the company at Wrestlemania with seemingly no sign of the gimmick, it appears that WWE has reached a deal with Anthem Sports & Entertainment to bring Matt Hardy’s #BROKENBrilliance to the their shows. Hardy has seemingly been restored to normal since coming back to the company. Lately, he has been going back and fourth with his gimmicks, such as throwing up his classic “V1” sign, only to do the “delete” motion moments later. Even on social media, Hardy has changed his speech patterns a few times, as well as changed his name to reflect that he is #CONFLICTED.
Earlier today, Cageside Seats broke the news that the “Broken” gimmick will be debuting on Raw later this year, and that a deal between the companies has been reached to bring it over. Hardy has been teasing a return of the character for weeks now, and has continued to use the character on his remaining Indy shows since being brought back to WWE. Matt likely won’t go broken until he and his brother drop the tag titles, however, with rumors of Jeff getting a singles run, they could lose those titles as early as this Sunday at Payback.
Matt Hardy managed to reninvent himself in a way that nobody else thought he could since creating this character. He managed to finally step from out of the shadow of his younger brother Jeff. WWE realized that they would be fools not to use it and get some of the merchandising money that Matt has been raking in. Keep in mind that Hardy has a feud with Bray Wyatt just waiting for him and that character on Raw now. With fans still chanting “delete” at WWE shows, and with a deal supposedly in place, it may not be long before Monday Night Raw is #BROKEN.


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