WWE RAW Results (8/19/13) – Anaheim, CA

We are live in Anaheim, California! The show begins with Cena coming out to the ring. He is disgusted about what happened last night. There are “Cena sucks” chants. Cena says thank you for the warm welcome. He says that Daniel Bryan earned the title last night. He thanks Bryan for bringing out the best in him and for reminding him that superstars should only be judged based on their commitment to their work in the ring. The camera zooms in on his elbow as Cena says the doctors had told him he should not compete at summerslam. Cena makes it clear that he was not using this as excuse and that he was beaten by a better man. When Cena heard what happened to Bryan after their match he was disgusted. Cena announces that he will have to leave for 4 to 6 months to heal his injury. The crowd chants “YES!” Cena wants to announce someone that deserves to be called champion. He announces Daniel Bryan.

Bryan comes out and is handed the microphone as Cena exits the ring. Lots of “YES” and “Daniel Bryan” chants. Before Bryan can speak, Stephanie McMahon comes out. She says that she is sorry. Bryan had a hard fought victory, but Triple H only did what was best for business. The crowd boos and chants “NO!” Bryan expects this from Stephanie or Vince, but not from Triple H, a rebel, a leader. Bryan says that it must be true: when you lie down with trash, sooner or later, you start to stink. Bryan says he is not afraid of being fired and wrestling in armories. But before he leaves he is going to get his money’s worth. Stephanie says that his anger management issues are messing with his mind. She needs to manage his expectations. Not everyone can be WWE champion material and critiques his look and size. She knows the WWE universe loves him. She says that Bryan may not be an A, but he is a solid B+. Bryan says that’s funny because she is reminding him of a word that starts with “B” right now. The crowd lets loose with “bitch” chants. Bryan says he doesn’t have to accept this. He can be champion and he doesn’t care what she thinks. Stephanie begins to talk but Bryan knocks the mic out of her hand and kicks it out of the ring. She gets another mic and tells Bryan to calm down. Stephanie won’t accept this unprofessional behavior and calls security. The crowd chants “Daniel Bryan” and “NO!” as he exits the arena.

Cody Rhodes vs Damien Sandow

Sandow starts the match off by stomping Cody into the corner. Cody breaks out but is bulled back into the corner by Sandow. Cody hits a suplex and tries to knock Sandow over the ropes, but is countered by Sandow. Cody hits a missile dropkick off the top rope and knocks him out of the ring as soon as he stands up. Cody hits another suplex outside of the ring. Back in the ring Cody gets a 2-count. Cole notes that Cody no longer has a mustache. Sandow pushes Cody out of the ring. Sandow then goes out and throws him back in, followed by a suplex. Cody climbs to teh top rope but Sandow grabs his arm and throws him down to the center of the ring, getting a 2-count.

Back from commercial, Sandow has Cody in a neckhold. Cody breaks out but is sammed by Sandow. Sandow sets up for the elbow of disdain and hits it, getting a 2-count. Sandow sets Cody up on the top rope but Cody knocks him off. Cody hits a flying moonsault from the top rope. Cody hits a back body drop. Cody goes for Cross Rhodes but Sandow counters. Cody propels off the middle rope and hits a kick to the head. Sandow rolls under the ropes. Sandow pulls Cody down onto the top rope. Sandow throws Cody into the corner, Cody jumps up and lands behind Sandow and gets a roll-up 3-count.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

Maddox is backstage. He quotes Ziggler referring to what happened last night with Triple H: “I wondered what his intentions were. To be honest I have never really trusted him since I started working here.” To give Ziggler a chance to show off, he will compete in a 3 on 1 handicap match tonight against The Shield.

Paul Heyman is in the ring wearing a sling. He says tonight he will give the people a lesson in life. Like all rebellious children, he flew from the nest to prove his self worth. Punk gave Brock all that Brock could handle. Where to go from here? It’s time to end this family feud. Heyman has been more of a father to Punk than his father in Chicago. It’s no longer a time for retribution but for forgiveness. Heyman says that he forgives Puk. Heyman says he will take Punk back, and that Punk is better with Heyman rather than without him. Heyman says that he still loves Punk. He is willing to put this behind them and he will guide him to the main event of WrestleMania. Together, they will be the best in the world.

The Bellas wish Cameron and Naomi luck as they are representing their show tonight. The Bellas say that hopefully they are more interesting in the ring than they are on TV and walk away.

Funkadactyls vs Layla and AJ Lee

AJ and Layla attack the Funkadactyls before the match officially starts as soon as they enter the ring. Bell rings, AJ has Naomi in the ring and hits a neckbreaker. AJ hits a spinning kick on Naomi and gets a 2-count. AJ chokes Naomi on the middle rope. Naomi hits a kick to AJ. Layla is tagged in and hits Naomi before she can tag in Cameron. Naomi gets Layla in a roll-up and gets the win.

Winner: Funkadactyls

Dolph Ziggler vs The Shield

Ambrose starts off. Ambrose keeps trying to get Ziggler into the Shield’s corner but Ziggler won’t let it happen. Ziggler throws Ambrose to the ground but Ambrose manages to tag in Rollings. Not much happens then Reigns is tagged in. Reigns chokes Ziggler on the bottom rope. Reigns throws Ziggler into their corner and tags in Ambrose. Ambrose repeatedly kicks Ziggler while he is down. Rollins is in and kicks Ziggler in the gut as he gets to his hands and knees. Ambrose back in and continues to beat Ziggler down. Ambrose gets Ziggler in a submission in the middle of the ring. Ziggler breaks out and gets Ambrose in a sleeper. Ambrose breaks out and tags in Reigns. Reigns walks up slowly as Ziggler jumps up and hits a dropkick. Ziggler hits zigzag but the pin is broken up. Ziggler suplexes Rollins over the ropes. Ziggler goes for a running splash to Reigns in the corner but Reigns hits the spear in mid-air.

Winner: The Shield

Post-match: The Shield delivers a three-man powerbomb to Ziggler.

Alberto Del Rio vs Sin Cara

Del Rio beats Cara to the ground. Del Rio tries to throw Cara out of the ring but Cara propels his legs off the top rope and tosses Del Rio outside of the ring. Cara jumps out into Del Rio and apparently injures his wrist in the process. The match is called off.

Del Rio has a mic and says he is the best champion in history. He proved to the Latino community, that finally they have someone to cheer for. The Latinos have no heroes. But Del Rio will change that. Ricardo comes out. He disagrees that Del Rio is a hero. Ricardo has a confession. He is happy that he does not have to stand by Del Rio’s side any longer. Ricardo says that he now represents someone new. Ricardo now represents Rob Van Dam. RVD enters the ring and kicks Del Rio in the face. RVD gets ready for a frog splash but Del Rio escapes the ring. JBL insults Ricardo’s haircut.

The Real Americans vs Primetime Players

Zeb Coulter says Swagger and Cesaro represent what is good in our country today, unlike the people that live in this cespool of a town. Coulter goes on a rant about illegal immigrants using things that are not theirs and speaking a language that he does not understand.

Darren Young gets a armtoss takedown on Cesaro. Oneil and Swagger are tagged in. Swagger kicks Oneil down and tags Cesaro back in. Cesaro slams Oneil down and gets a 2-count. Swagger is tagged in. Cesaro chokes Oneil while Swagger distracts the ref. Swagger targets the left leg of Oneil but Oneil kicks out of the hold. Swagger slams Oneil down and hits the Swagger bomb. Cesaro tags in and propels over Swagger to stomp on Oneil, getting a 2-count. Swagger tags back in, Oneil hits a spinebuster on Swagger. Young tags in with an offensive fury. Oneil takes out Cesaro as Young hits the gut check on Cesaro.

Winner: Primetime Players

Big Show is being interviewed backstage. Big Show says that the rumors of him and Mark Henry teaming up to take on the Shield are true. Maddox comes in and asks about what he has recently said about Triple H. Big Show says that this is America and that’s called free speech. Maddox says that Big Show will be competing against The Shield in a handicap match where all members of The Shield can be in the ring at the same time.

Zack Ryder is backstage looking at shoes with Justin Gabriel in a locker room. A Footlocker representative talks to them about the shoes and their partnership with WWE. Fandango dances into the locker room. He asks if the shoes can be danced in. The representative says that the shoes are Footlocker approved for dancing. Fandago takes the shoes and dances out of the room.

Ryback walks into a room full of people and tells everyone to leave. He singles one out and tells him to stay. He slaps the guy around, bullying him. Ryback slaps him and tells him to turn on the water as he stands under the shower. The guy fills up his bag with water and leaves as Ryback tells him to.

Big Show vs The Shield

Big Show throws Reigns ove the ropes. He gets Ambrose and Rollins into the corner and smashes them. He throws Ambrose over the ropes. Rollins singled out in the ring now, and eventually thrown over the ropes as well. Big Show hits a big spear on Reigns. Big Show grabs onto Rollins but Ambrose gets a sleeper on Big Show. Big Show falls back and slams Ambrose into the mat. Big Show stands on Rollins and throws him out of the ring. Big Show smashes Ambrose in the corner followed by a clothesline. He prepares to chokeslam Ambrose but is hit by Rollins from behind. Rollins hits Big Show with a knee to the face from the top rope. Ambrose and Rollins attempt to suplex Big Show but Big Show counters and suplexes both of them. Reigns enters the ring and hits the spear. They hoist up the Big Show and hit the 3-man powerbomb. All members of the Shield lie on the Big Show to get the 3-count.

Winner: The Shield

CM Punk limps out to the ring. Someone boos him and he dares the man to enter the ring. Punk is pissed off and wants to fight. He knows Heyman said that he can get Punk the WWE title and that’s what he wants. Punk knows that Heyman wants an apology. Punk asks for Heyman to come out to the ring and speak to him face to face. Heyman walks out with Axel. Punk says that he is sorry that he took his eyes off of Lesnar for just a second to go after Heyman. He’s sorry he didn’t take Heyman’s arm home with him. Punk says he is relentless and he will not stop until he gets his revenge. Punk says to have the guts that the fat guy at ringside doesn’t have and step in the ring.

Heyman says that the apology should come from himself. He says he is sorry for what is about to happen to Punk. He instructs Axel to tape his hands for a fight. Heyman says that he is not the fat guy in the front row, that he can be a man’s worst nightmare. If Punk is still in the ring after commercial, Axel will finish what Lesnar started last night.

Back from commercial, Punk is sitting in the center of the ring. Axel approaches the ring. Punk attacks him as he enters and slams his face into the chair. Punk hits Axel with the chair. Punk throws Axel out of the ring. As Punk goes ringside, Axel gains control and throws Punk into the barricade as Heyman watches. Punk lifts Axel over the barricade and comes for Heyman. He turns and runs back to jump on top of Axel. Punk hits Axel with the ringbell. Punk throws Axel back into the ring and stares at Heyman. Punk prepares for the GTS but Axel counters and hits Punk in the back of his leg. Axel attacks the leg. Heyman gets closer to the ring, feeling a bit safer now. Axel his Punk’s leg with the chair. Axel sets the chair up with Punk’s leg inside of it. Axel jumps off the top rope but Punk moves out of the way and attacks Axel with the chair. Punk throws Axel into the steel steps. Punk looks to hit the GTS but drops Axel on the steel steps, face-first.

Bray Wyatt vs R-Truth

Bray throws Truth into the corner. Truth jumps over Wyatt, does the splits to avoid a clothesline and hits a spinning kick. Wyatt gains control and hits a running clotheline to smash Truth into the corner. Wyatt hits his finisher (not sure what it’s called yet) to get the 3-count.

Winner: Bray Wyatt

A video package airs showing Los Matadores, dressed as bull fighters, coming soon.

The Usos vs 3MB

Jay Uso starts off against Slater. Jimmy is tagged in and gets a diving shoulder into Slater. Jimmy is pulling Slater’s hair from the outside as he is kicked by Mahaal. Mahaal is tagged in and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Jimmy. Slater is tagged back in, kicking Jimmy to the mat. There is actually a back-and-forth “Let’s go Usos, 3MB!” chant going. Jay is tagged in along with Mahaal, Jay coming in with an offensive fury. He nearly gets a 3-count but it’s broken up by Slater. Jay kicks down Mahaal. He leaps over the top rope to fly into Slater and McIntyre but tags in Jimmy as he flies past. Jimmy hits a splash from the top rope to get the 3-count.

Winner: The Usos

The Miz vs Wade Barret

Barret shoulders Miz to the ma. Miz hits his patented clothesline in the corner. Barret regains control and hits a big boot. Barret chokes Miz against the middle rope, followed by a kick to send Miz outside of the ring. Barret jumps on Miz from the apron. Back in the ring, Barret gets a 2-count. Miz on the apron, slider under Barrets legs as he comes for the attack. Mizz gets a roll up for a 2-count. Miz building momentum, hts a running knee. Barret in the corner, Miz hits a dropkick to Barret’s hamstring. Miz locks in the figure 4, but Fandango launches from the top rope to attack Miz for the DQ.

Winner: Wade Barret

Backstage, Maddox tells Stephanie that Daniel Bryan is back in the building. She goes into Mr. McMahon’s room and closes the door. Orton’s Coronation is up next.

Back from commercial, the entire roster is out on the stage. Vince and Stephanie are in the ring as Triple H enters. The Shield are ringside. Vince says Orton is a champion that we can all be proud of. Vince is most proud of his son-in-law. In the end, he saw the light. “You sold out” chants fill the arena. Triple H says the people never see the bigger picture. He says he did what he did to ensure the future of the WWE. He did what he did for the people. Lots of people that he goes on to list. It goes on for quite a long time. He says he likes Daniel Bryan, and did not want to do it. He likes what Bryan does in the ring. A good little technician. He gave Cena one hell of a match and deserved to win. But let’s be honest. WWE Champion, face of the WWE? The crowd chants YES. Triple H says the people deserve better than that. We deserve someone that has it all. A+, not a B. Bryan’s personal problem is a sacrifice he is willing to make. Triple H says he was hurt personally too. Triple H says he buried his personal feelings towards Orton for what was right for the people. Triple H says Bryan is selfish to complain about his problems. The crowd chants for Daniel Bryan. Triple H announces “the coal that has become the diamond,” Randy Orton.

Orton comes out and shakes the hands of Vince and Triple H. Stephanie hugs him. Orton says he told you so. He told you that when he cashed in you would not see it coming. Orton says he is not one for thank yous, but this is an exception. Orton says he owes all of this to Triple H. Orton says everyone should stand on their feet and show Triple H the respect he deserves. Triple H offers for Bryan to come out and get things off of his chest and move on with his little career. Triple H asks The Shield to move out of the way because they may be intimidating him. Triple H starts YES chants and plays his music to make him feel more welcome. Bryan walks out to the ring. As he climbs in the ring the Shield attacks him. He fights them off pretty effectively and appears to have a clear path to the ring, but is speared by Reigns as he approached the ring. As they stand him up Triple H says to let him down. Triple H coaxes Bryan into the ring, but he is RKO’d as soon as he enters. Orton, Triple H, Vince and Stephanie hold their arms into the air as the show ends.