WWE Posts Tribute to the Legendary Nikolai Volkoff, Tommaso Ciampa Celebrates International Friendship Day (Photo)

WWE has published a video tribute to the legcy of Hall of Fame legend Nikolai Volkoff, who passed away this weekend. The segment will air on tonight’s edition of WWE Raw. Check it out above.

International Friendship Day

NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa – boy, that has a nice ring to it – is celebrating International Friendship Day today, and has crafted “Little Johnny” a gift for the special occasion. Spoiler Alert: It’s him. It’s a LEGO version of himself with a tiny title belt.

Unbelievable! I almost forgot today is #InternationalFriendshipDay

I bought little Johnny a new toy…

PS: if you want to stop by the house I’ll let you look at the title. But don’t touch it or try to pick it up or anything weird. It’s not yours. It’s mine. pic.twitter.com/UyvNZYDlrQ

— BLACKHEART (@ProjectCiampa) July 30, 2018