WWE NXT Results – May 17th, 2017

 This week’s edition of NXT was the final stop before their big show in Chicago this Saturday. This was their last chance to get fans invested in the matches, participants, and it had to make fans want to tune in later this week. So how did it do? Well, LET’S FIND OUT!
  It all started off with Bobby Roode entering Full Sail University with the title around one shoulder and a chip on the other. He had a lackey behind him carrying his bags, and at one point Roode demanded his servant to walk faster. Then the show began!
  After the title sequence, we’re treated to a quick match between Drew McIntyre and former Cruiserweight Classic competitor Sean Maluta.

Drew McIntyre vs. Sean Maluta –
  At first, Maluta did not want anything to do with McIntyre. He stalled for a bit before any moves were hit and lingered around the ring for a while. Once he got back in, they each began to exchange holds. Maluta did get a bit of offense in on Drew, at one point even causing McIntyre to receive a gash under one of his eyes. Aside from that, McIntyre punched and beat Maluta down until he won with a big boot.
Winner: Drew McIntyre
  Before Drew could make it backstage, he was interviewed on the ramp by Kayla Braxton. You may recall that last week Wesley Blake crawled out from wherever he’s been hiding to intimidate Drew McIntyre. Braxton wanted to know if he was concerned about catching Blake’s attention. Drew’s response was basically akin to “What’re ya nuts? He’s Wesley Blake!” albeit he was a bit more professional than that. Not only is he not concerned, he actually threw down a challenge for next week between them. What bravery! He has his work cut out for him if you ask me.

  A brief replay of last week’s main event between Hideo Itami and Roderick Strong aired. It turns out that after the match, SAnitY ran into the ring and attacked Strong. Strong was shown backstage walking around in pain, then William Regal asked if he’s alright. First off, he was attacked by three men. What do you think? Then Strong said that he wanted SAnitY at Takeover. That’s good and all, but come on, they’re no Wesley Blake.
  Outside somewhere was Eric Young and the rest of SAnitY. Young did the talking here while his friends were literally playing around in the background. He rambled for a bit before accepting Strong’s challenge for Takeover.
  Throughout the night, we got to see flashback videos of Hideo Itami’s NXT career. They started off by recaping his debut. Did you know Itami’s been with NXT for three years? Why does that seem so strange to me? Has he only been around for like a quarter of it or something? Anyway, for those who forgot, Itami was introduced under his real first name Kenta. He walked out and struggled to speak English, but stated that this was a dream come true for him, then he revealed that his new name would be Hideo Itami.

 We got some new video packages featuring the UK Championship Tournament, as well as for Tyler Bate and the “Bruiserweight” (which sounds like a great children’s fantasy book title, by the way). Tyler vowed to retain his title, and Pete Dunne never takes that frown off of his face. He vowed to win the UK title by any means necessary. They will square off at Takeover this Saturday.
  Look, all I’m asking is that we at least get a date for when the Velveteen Dream is coming. Is that too much to ask? I- no… WE want to see the dream! Dave Meltzer, could you please tell me? Triple H? Somebody? Anybody? Please!?!?
  Remember back when Hideo Itami was around for about an entire year and could NEVER hit that darn GTS? This video package took us back to 2015, when at a house show in San Jose, he faced Tyler Breeze in a match. After some heavy competition from fashion model turned ‘hot cop’ Tyler Breeze of all people, Itami finally lifted him up and hit the first GTS of his WWE career. The place in San Jose, if I may be permitted a brief break from my journalistic expertise, WENT ABSOLUTELY BANANAS! Shucks, I miss these days of NXT.
  Asuka is shown driving on her way to Full Sail earlier in the day. This is the third time on this show that we’ve been shown someone arriving to the show, just something I noticed. Somebody was asking Asuka if she had any worries regarding her triple threat match at Takeover. She refused to answer the questions, then she hopped out of the car and posed for a selfie with a group of fans waiting outside the building.
Lacey Evans vs. Sonya Deville – 
  The former Daria from Tough Enough battled in a handicap match against two freakishly enormous arms here. Seriously, if this wrestling thing doesn’t work out for her, Lacey can easily have a nice career for herself in strangling the life out of anybody who “needs ta be taken care of”. Deville does this shadowboxing deal before her matches start, and the camera lingered on her doing this for like 10 whole seconds. It was comically awkward. You may have noticed that I haven’t commented on the match itself yet, and that’s because it was slow and boring. Deville eventually won with an enzuigiri, which I think makes this her first win ever on NXT television.
Winner: Sonya Deville
  Another moment from Hideo’s career. This time it was when he returned a few weeks ago to confront Bobby Roode. Itami hit the GTS on Roode to set up their feud, that is important to remember for the end of this show.
Andrade “Cien” Almas vs. Kassius Ohno – 
  Ohno was wearing gear inspired by the Orlando Magic. Rather than tuck his jersey into his trunks, I believe he had a singlet tucked into his trunks, and he left the jersey out. It’s a better look for him, but not that much better. Andrade posed as his sparklers were set off around him. His fat nearly fell off, and he had to scramble to catch it before it did. All while maintaining his arrogant pose on the ramp. Yeah, I notice and have to point out these things.
  Ohno was running wild at first until Andrade escaped out of the ring. Kassius dove out of the ring, did his handstand on the apron, and rolled onto the floor, but he was kicked hard by Almas. These guys both went back-and-fourth with each other. There were so many flips and dives that Randy Orton would throw his furniture around if he ever watched it. I love how all the announcers mention is how Andrade “Cien” Almas is never focused and he parties too much after his matches, yet he usually goes out there and puts up a pretty good fight. I mean, he always loses, but the announcers mention how much “he loves to party” so much that I wish they’d change his entrance theme to that Vengaboys song. After Almas does some damage, he decides to inflict more punishment on Ohno. Sadly for him, this gave Kassius an opportunity to recover, and he hit two rolling elbows for the win.
Winner: Kassius Ohno
  We’re not done yet, the final highlight video for Hideo Itami shows his match against Roderick Strong last week. After all of his hard work, this is the match that finally allowed him to get a shot at the NXT Championship.
  Bobby Roode comes down to the ring, and admits that he was indeed knocked out by Hideo Itami last month. He reminded us all that he was knocked out when Itami attacked him while he was just minding his own business in the ring. Roode made fun of Itami’s injuries, he said he didn’t even know he still worked in NXT. He does! Since 2014, in fact. He vowed to make an example out of Itami, and then he would have to fly home to Japan to tell his wife and kids that he failed again. This brought out Itami who I believe was wearing a white t-shirt and the grey pants that belong to one of his suits. William Regal and a team of security guards stopped Itami before he could attack Roode, but he managed to get past them. Hideo ran down to the ring and tackled Roode. The guards all stopped him as Roode ran outside, but Itami hit the GTS on all of the security guards. Roode tried sneaking up on Itami from behind, but ate a GTS. I mentioned earlier how there was a time when Itami could never hit that move, now I think it may be the only move he knows how to do.
That was how the show went off the air everybody. We’ll be back this Saturday for the results of NXT Takeover: Chicago! See you next time.

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