WWE News: Familiar Names at SummerSlam, Jimmy Uso Absent, Kane Update

— Alicia Fox, Mark Henry and Christian have been brought in by WWE for SummerSlam. Fox’s situation is a strange one as she is still claimed to be on the active roster but on the recent Raw Reunion show, she was grouped in with the other “legends.” It’s completely unclear what her status with the company is but her presence does confirm that she’s still under contract in some capacity.

— WWE superstar Jimmy Uso is not in Toronto, ON for SummerSlam. Due to his recent DUI charge last month, Uso was not allowed into Canada, according to pwinsider.com

— Despite being advertised by WWE on their live events page to wrestle later this month, WBIR Knoxville is reporting that Glenn “Kane” Jacobs will not be making any appearances for WWE as a wrestler. Jacobs of course is the current Mayor of Knox County which is probably a good reason he won’t be wrestling.