WWE Live Event Results (3/8/15) – Allentown, PA

Thanks to rajah.com reader Jason VP for sending this in!

Zack Ryder def. Fandango in the opener via a roll up. Ryder received a pretty nice
pop from the crowd, ok match.

AJ Lee and Natalya def. the Bella Twins via AJ’s black widow submission. The match
went about 10-12 minutes and was a good, hard-hitting divas match. No dreaded roll
up of death which was nice. AJ got the CM Punk chant in the beginning for about 30
seconds and that was it.

Tyson Kidd and Cesaro successfully defended their titles against new day minus
Xavier woods via ref calling the match when Cesaro knocked out Kingston with the
title when the ref wasn’t looking and in kidds sharpshooter. This was a pretty good
match even though there was no swing/kick combo, or much high flying from Kidd. I
liked Tyson Kidd a lot though, him and Cesaro are a great, believable tag team.
Billy Kidman got a shoutout from big e as the local star, which the crowd was mild

Randy orton def. Bray Wyatt via pinfall from the RKO. I’m kind of surprised it only
took one RKO, I assumed Wyatt would’ve been booked stronger even at live events.
Match was slow paced for most of it, with Wyatt pulling a page from Kevin Owens’
book and leaving the ring at the start. Decent match all around.

Ryback def. Rusev via DQ by low blow, Rusev retains US Title. This match went very
long with some slow points that got some sparse boring chants, but when it picked up
it was pretty good brawler style match. Ryback hit a shellshocked after the match
ended and into intermission.

Back from intermission Heath Slater came out and bashed Allentown for some cheap
heat. Out came sin cara for their match which was basically a squash, sin cara won
via Swanton bomb into pinfall. Lasted a minute or two, kind of pointless match.

Main event, John cena def. Seth Rollins in a no DQ match after hitting the AA
through a table off of the top rope. This match was decent, very drawn out. There
was lots of downtime during, with Rollins jumping on the mic often. He plays a great
heel, pretending the you sold out chants didn’t bother him but showing that it did
was well done as well. Cena had a couple obvious whiffs, and had a spot where it was
completely obvious he held back on a chair shot to Rollins’ back, but they were both
pretty solid otherwise. Cena thanked the fans at the end at that was it.

All in all the show was pretty good, it was my first time sitting so close and it
was pretty surreal. It’s weird how on tv cena gets booed like crazy but here he was
almost unanimously cheered for.

Biggest pops:

1. John Cena

2. Randy Orton

3. AJ Lee

-Jason VP