WWE Diva & "The Beautiful People" Appearing On Wrestlicious, Morasca Speaks

— In a recently published interview, former TNA Knockout Jenna Morasca spoke out on her decision to enter the wrestling industry, who she remains friends with from her time in TNA, which wrestler she enjoyed working with the most, if she ever plans on returning to the industry, and much more. You can read the interview in its entirety at the following link.

— Wrestlicious announced the following updated list of main events for the month of March on Wrestlicious: Takedown:

March 8th (Bite TV) and March 10th (Mav TV)
~ Autumn Frost vs. Paige Webb

*March 15th (Bite TV) and March 17th (Mav TV)
~ “Team Beautiful” Lacey Von Erich and Amber Lively vs “Ghouls Gone Wild” Draculetta and White Magic

* March 22nd (Bite TV) and March 24th (Mav TV)
~ Sierra Sheraton vs. Marley Sebastian

* March 29th (Bite TV) and March 31st (Mav TV)
~ The Naughty Girls vs. Paige Webb & The Southern Belle

The wrestler known as Paige Webb is none other than WWE Diva and Straight Edge Society member Serena. Her character’s background in Wrestlicious is that she runs a website.

The wrestler known as Amber Lively is actually TNA Knockout Madison Rayne performing a cheerleader gimmick. In a coincidence, she was paired with fellow “Beautiful People” member Lacey Von Erich long before the two joined forces in TNA as these initial episodes of Wrestlicious: Takedown were originally taped in August of 2008.

Another TNA Knockout appears on Wrestlicious: Takedown in the form of Daffney, as she performed under the name Draculetta. Her tag partner, White Magic, is semi-retired independent women’s wrestler Lacey of Ring of Honor fame.

Finally, Marley Sebastian is Daizee Haze while The Southern Belle is Amber O’Neal.

— TNA Knockouts Angelina Love and SoCal Val are advertised to appear at tonight’s Women Superstars Uncensored Third Anniversary Show in Union City, New Jersey. Love will be competing against Sassy Stephanie while Val will be handling ring announcing duties. Also scheduled to appear is recently released TNA Knockout Traci Brooks. Click here for more information.

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