WWE Columbia, SC, live results: Roman Reigns & Usos vs. Anderson/Gallows/Jericho

Submitted by Marcel D

– Dolph Ziggler def. Baron Corbin 

Corbin came out to an ok reaction while Ziggler came out to a big pop. Corbin hit the End Of Days mid-match, but Ziggler kicked out at two. The last part of the match, Corbin reversed the Zig Zag and tried to hit Ziggler, but he ducked and connected with the superkick for the win.

– Apollo Crews def. Stardust

This match was pretty short. The bell rings and Dust punches & kicks Crews, than Crews starts to fight back. He does his usual moves, and hits the Crews Control for the win. Dust gets on the mic says he isn’t leaving Columbia without a win under his belt. He says he will fight anybody from Columbia, SC. This leads to…

– Big Show def. Stardust

Big Show comes out to a big pop. Dust taunts the crowd and turned around to a KO Punch. Show wins in less than 10 seconds.

– Greg Hamilton lets a lady in the crowd say “This match is scheduled for one fall”

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– Big Cass def. D-Von w/ Bubba Ray

Not much to say about this match. Big Cass came out to a big pop. Everyone loves him. In a nice match, Cass hit the East River Crossing for the win.

– Sami Zayn def. Kevin Owens

The crowd likes Zayn but they LOVE Owens. The match was good. Owens taunted the crowd and before the match told everyone to be quiet so he can concentrate. Zayn hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the win.

– WWE Women’s Champion Charlotte def. Nattie

Nice back and forth match. Nattie powerbombed Charlotte. Charlotte did the figure 4 and Nattie reversed. Charlotte won with a roll-up with feet on the ropes. Nattie left to a huge ovation from the crowd.

– I-C Champion Miz (w/Maryse) def. Cesaro and Sheamus in a three-way

Great match. Eeryone loves Cesaro, but even Sheamus got some love. Miz called the crowd “Carolina sweathogs”. Cesaro did the swing into the sharpshooter on Miz and later, he did the Gotch Neutralizer to Sheamus. After he did it, Miz clocks him and pins Sheamus for the win. Cesaro chased after Miz and Maryse chases Cesaro.

– WWE Champion Roman Reigns & The Usos def. Chris Jericho & Anderson/Gallows

The pop for Reigns was HUGE. Words can’t describe it. The match was great: crowd on their feet and especially when Roman got the hot tag. At the end of the match, Gallows & Anderson got tired of Jericho being a jerk so they let the Usos suicide dive on him. Roman hits the Superman Punch and spear for the win.