WWE Backlash 2016 Results (9/11)

WWE Backlash 2016 aired live on Sunday, September 11th from the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, VA.

– Shane McMahon and Daniel Bryan come out to the ring to open up the show and announce that the Women’s title match is up first.

– Becky Lynch def. Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Carmella vs. Nikki Bella: The new SmackDown Women’s Title is on the line in this elimination match. The women brawl out of the ring to the floor at ringside early on, leaving just Becky and Naomi on the mat going back and forth. Naomi hits a series of kicks on Becky, but Becky is able to hit a back body drop sending Naomi to the outside. Carmella comes in and hits a hurricanrana on Becky for a near-fall. Nikki and Carmella go up to the top rope, but Natalya runs over and throws them both off with a superplex-powerbomb combination. The women brawl at ringside and Naomi drops them all with a suicide plancha. Back in the ring, Natalya gets Alexa in the powerbomb position then Naomi comes off the top with a blockbuster on Alexa for the elimination. Natalya eliminates Naomi shortly after with a Sharpshooter. There are a series of two fast eliminations when Nikki eliminates Natalya then Carmella eliminates Nikki with quick rollups. It’s down to Carmella and Becky, and Becky hits a series of t-bone suplexes. Becky locks in the Dis-arm-her shortly after and Carmella taps out. Becky is now the first ever SmackDown Women’s Champion.

– The Miz runs into a kid who says he’s on Nickelodeon who took The Miz’s locker room. The kid plugs his Nickelodeon show and says he’d rather meet John Cena instead.

– Backstage we see Bray Wyatt slamming a door on Randy Orton’s leg. JBL wonders if Orton will be able to compete tonight.

– The Usos def. The Hype Bros: After back and forth action early on, Ryder hits a double baseball slide to both Usos outside, then follows up with a missile dropkick on Jimmy. Mojo follows up with a double shoulder block and sends both Usos flying into the fan barricade. The Usos turn the tides with Jey drops Ryder with a clothesline at ringside, then rolls him back in the ring for a pendulum backbreaker and a snap suplex for a near-fall. The Usos keep Ryder grounded and take control of the match. Mojo gets the hot tag and hits Stinger splashes on both Usos. Mojo and Jimmy brawl outside while Ryder and Jey go to the top rope back in the ring. Ryder hits a Frankensteiner on Jey for a near-fall. Jimmy gets Ryder in an STF-like submission hold and Ryder taps out. The Usos advance to face Rhino and Slater for the Tag Titles later.

– Ryder and Slater are in the back cutting a promo in the back about their Tag Title match later. Slater starts talking about some bad crab dip he had, and Rhino has to remind him that they’re still live. Slater acts like he soils his pants and walks off screen.

– The Miz (c) def. Dolph Ziggler: The Miz’s Intercontinental Title is on the line in this match. Before the match, Miz cuts a promo on Daniel Bryan before the match saying he wants to renegotiate his contract. The Miz takes control of the match early on and puts Ziggler in a bow and arrow stretch. Miz catapults Ziggler to the floor at ringside and Ziggler is selling a shoulder injury. Back in the ring, The Miz hits a series of dropkicks and the continues working Ziggler’s back. Miz hits the Awesome Clothesline in the corner and then hits a double axe handle to the face off the top rope. Miz goes for a Skull Crushing Finale but Ziggler rolls out and hits a dropkick. Ziggler hits the Fameasser but Miz kicks out at two. Ziggler gets Miz in a sleeper hold, then follows up with a Tornado DDT for a two count. Ziggler goes for a Superkick but Miz ducks it and hits a DDT, then follows up with a Figure 5 leg lock. Ziggler grabs the ropes to break the hold then drops The Miz with a superkick, but Miz gets his foot on the rope to break the hold. Maryse sprays something in Ziggler’s eyes from ringside and he falls into The Miz who hits the Skull Crushing Finale for the win.

– Bray Wyatt def. Randy Orton: Bray Wyatt is out to the ring next. The ring announcer announces that Randy Orton will not be able to compete tonight, so the referee counts to 10 for an official forfeiture ruling on the match, and Wyatt wins. The announcer says that Wyatt will still wrestle tonight, except it’ll be against Kane in a no holds barred match.

– Kane def. Bray Wyatt: The action goes to ringside early on and Kane starts stripping the Spanish announce table. Bray drills Kane with the ring bell. They go back in the ring and Bray hits a flying knee that drops Kane. Kane comes back with a big boot that sends Bray rolling out to the floor. Kane starts walking out but Bray hits him in the knee with a steel chair. Bray rolls back in the ring and continues the beatdown on Kane with the steel chair. Kane comes back with a running DDT on Bray onto the steel chair. Kane hits a side walk slam and goes for a chokeslam, but Bray gets out and throws Kane outside. Bray follows him outside and drops Kane with a clothesline. Bray lays Kane on the Spanish announce table, then climbs ontop of the English announce table. Bray hits a Senton Bomb on Kane through the announce table. Back in the ring, Bray goes for the Sister Abigail but Kane gets out and hits a chokeslam for a 2 count. Bray comes back and hits a Rock Bottom on Kaneonto the chair for a 2 count. Randy Orton slowly walks down the ramp and distracts Bray. Orton slides in the ring and hit sthe RKO on Bray, then Kane follows up with a chokeslam for the win.

– AJ Styles is in the back lecturing some local independent wrestlers. AJ tells them they’re destined for failure, but they can always tell people they met The Face that Runs the Place. AJ says tonight he’ll become the WWE World Champion.

– Heath Slater & Rhino def. The Usos: The SmackDown Tag Titles are on the line in this one. After exchanging offense in the opening moments, the Usos take control of the match after hitting a vertical suplex that sends Slater crashing into the ring post. Jimmy follows up with a superkick for a two count. The Usos keep Slater grounded and the story of the match is the heels keeping Slater from making the hot tag. Rhino gets the hot tags and clears the ring. He hits a belly to belly suplex on Jimmy then goes for the Gore, but Jimmy dodges it and Rhino hits the turnbuckle. Slater tags himself in and hits a pair of neckbreakers on the Usos. Slater hits a DDT on Jimmy for a two count. Jimmy comes back with a superkick, but Rhino goes him behind the ref’s back. Slater rolls over and pins Jimmy for the win, and Slater and Rhino are the new SmackDown Tag Champions. Slater and Rhino cut a promo after the match, with Slater announcing to his wife that they’re upgrading to a double-wide.

– AJ Styles def. Dean Ambrose: The WWE World Championship is on the line in this one. Ambrose and Styles go back and forth in the opening moments until Ambrose capitlizes with a big dive off the top rope onto AJ all the way to the ringside floor. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits a sitout wheelbarrow facebuster for a two count. Ambrose goes for a vertical suplex, but AJ reverses it for one of his own that sends Ambrose flying into the turnbuckle. AJ starts working the left knee of Ambrose to set up for the Calf Crusher later on. AJ reverses another vertical suplex attempt, this time into the Calf Crusher. Ambrose reaches the ropes, but AJ gets him in another one. Ambrose fights his way out and slingshots AJ into the ring post. Ambrose hits a splash in the corner and a facebuster for a two count. Ambrose goes for another Facebuster but AJ stops him and hits a spin-out powerbomb for a near-fall. AJ follows up with a springboard 450 splash off the top for another near-fall. Ambrose comes back with a swinging neckbreaker and a series of knees to the head, then a dropkick that sends AJ to the floor at ringside. Ambrose follows up with a suicide dive that sends AJ falling into the announce table. Ambrose throws AJ into the crowd, then climbs the announce table and jumps off, hitting AJ with a double axe handle. Ambrose throws AJ back in the ring and goes for the Dirty Deeds, but AJ pushes him into the referee and the ref is down. AJ kicks Ambrose below the belt then hits the Styles Clash. The ref gets back up and counts the three, and AJ Styles is our new World Heavyweight Champion.

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