What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

The following news items are compiled from several live reports sent in from fans who were at last night’s WWE RAW from Columbus, Ohio:

Dark Match: Sheamus O’Shaunessy defeated Jamie Noble. O’Shaunessy is a developmental talent who wrestles at Florida Championship Wrestling and has been touring with the main roster for the past week.

Match Taped for Superstars: The Big Show wrestled Hornswoggle.

Biggest Crowd Support: John Cena & Batista

Most Heat: Vickie & Chavo Guererro, Randy Orton

Post-RAW Dark Match: John Cena and Batista defeated Randy Orton and Big Show. Orton was still selling the damage done to his ankle on Raw. Towards the end of the match, Batista got busted open above his left eye pretty bad. There was a lot of blood. After Cena and Batista got the win, Batista went right to the back and did not stay to celebrate with Cena.

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