We Ranked 5 Acts We’d Love to See From an Elias and The Rock Rivalry

Rumors have been flying around recently about a possible return to in-ring action by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Of course it goes without saying his return would be a major development and many think they already know who his first feud will be with.

Elias has called out The Rock several times recently and in the past. He’s even started a go-fund me account, claiming The Rock will need one after he’s done walking with Elias. It seems like if The People’s Champion does indeed return soon, he’ll have a program with Elias.

The promo potential for the these two is limitless. Elias is red hot, the “Walk With Elias” refrain in every arena is consistently the loudest the fans are all night. His guitar act and ability to string fans along with his gab is matched perfectly by The Rock. There are a few acts we should get between these two should it all come together.

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