WCH Pool C: Muserskiy starts his own show!

Last 3 games took place in Ergo Arena in Sopot. Russia beats Canadians in straight sets, using the brightest star Dima Muserskiy. Bulgaria and China also with 3 points.



Russia – Canada 3-0 (25-21 25-19 25-21)
Russia: Grankin, Ilinykh (3), Muserskiy (18), Pavlov (12), Spiridonov (9), Apalikov (5), Ermakov (L) and Savin (5), Volvich
Canada: Sanders, Perrin (9), Duff (8), Schmitt (11), Winters (3), Simac (2), Lewis (L) and Van Lankvelt (1), Vigrass (3), Hoag (5), Soonias (1), Schneider

First game in pool C wasn’t really boring. Both teams played point by point until second technical timeout in each set. Then Sborna turned turbo on and got advantage.

Canadians main problems were second outside hitter, second middle blocker and easy jump serves. Neither Fred Winters nor Nicholas Hoag helped team. Even their leader opposite Gavin Schmitt had obstacles in spiking in crucial points.

Russian team used the biggest asset, middle blocker Dmitriy Muserskiy. High % in terms of spiking, big threat on the net and strong tricky jump serve – just nothing to add, he can contribute a lot also as opposite. With a support by opposite Nikolay Pavlov and controversial outside hitter Alexey Spiridonov Russian team had quite easy game.

My MVP Choice – Dmitriy Muserskiy (Russia)

Mexico – Bulgaria 0-3 (16-25 17-25 21-25)
Mexico: P.Rangel (2), Guerra (9), Cordova (5), Vargas (10), Quinones (2), Aguilera (6), J. Rangel (L) and Herrera, Barajas, Meyer (1), Orellana
Bulgaria: Zhekov (3), Aleksiev (14), Yosifov (6), Sokolov (14), Penchev (7), Gotsev (4), Salparov (L) and Gradinarov, Skrimov

The Bulgarian National team started their participation in the FIVB World Championship Poland 2014 in an excellent way. The volleyball players led by head coach Plamen Konstantinov took a straight win

In the beginning both teams showed some good play, but the Lions from Bulgaria were better in defense. Some good attacks by Nikolay Penchev helped the Bulgarians to took the leadership and the first technical time out came by being 8-6 in favor for Bulgaria. Good actions by Penchev and Gotsev on serve made it difficult for the reception of Mexico and the second technical time out was 16-10 for Bulgaria. Till the end of the set the Bulgarians didn’t meet any serious problems on the court and closed by 25-16.

Despite the fact that in the first minutes of the second set both teams showed equalized skills, the first technical time out was 8-6 for Bulgaria. Nevertheless, Mexico struggled to show some better play and even took the ledership by 14:13 after two aces in a row. By this time of the set Konstantinov took a time out and this helped his guys to relax a bit. Viktor Yosifov’s serve caused some problems to the Mexican reception. On the other hand, the Bulgarians took the opportunity and were excellent in attack, so the second technical time out was 16-14 for the Lions. Taking back the leadership was the key moment in the set and step by step Bulgaria closed the set 25-17.

The play went point for point and eventually raised a bit the tension in last set. The Bulgarians were leading (8-7) but it seemed that the Mexico team had received a wake-up-call. They made some points in a row after good attack and turned the result in their favor for 12-11. Miroslav Gradinarov substituted Nikolay Penchev. Guerra’s serve in out brought back the leadership to Bulgaria, and on the other hand Andrey Zhekov made an ace for 17-14. Anyway, the Mexicans showed great desire on the volleyball court and didn’t give up. They were very closed to equalizing the result (18-17), but an ace by Tsvetan Sokolov made it a bit easier to Bulgaria. In the end of the set Todor Skrimov followed the coach’s instructions for a technical serve and Mexico couldn’t find a response in reception. Bulgaria closed the set 25-21 and put the end of this volleyball battle.

My MVP Choice – Todor Aleksiev (Bulgaria)

China – Egypt 3-1 (25-20 25-20 23-25 33-31)
China: S.Jiao (1), W.J.Zhong (20), C.L.Liang (3), Y.Zhi (31), J.J.Cui (11), X.Geng (7), Q.Ren (L) and R.M.Li (2), Z.C.Kou, F.W.Kong (L), Y.C.Fang (1)
Egypt: Abdalla (2), Saleh (5), Mamdouh (12), Elkotb (23), Badawy (10), Abd Elhalim (1), Moawad (L) and Rashad (5), Abdelhay (10), Thakil, El Sayed

Last game in Ergo Arena was interrupted by sudden blackout in hall. Anyway, match was quite tight battle, probably for advance to next round, though still a lot of things can happen. It was a game dominated by opposites, both had over 60% in terms of spiking!

Chinese opposite Yuan Zhi achieved the highest individual score in single match in this WCH. Thanks to good play by his teammates especially outside hitter Weijun Zhong they managed two get a win after 4 sets.

There was more mess on Egyptian side – coach juggled with his players quite nervously, even team’s leader, opposite Ahmed Elkotb was out of game in second and part of third set.

My MVP Choice – Yuan Zhi (China)

Author of Mexico – Bulgaria – Summary (except MVP choice) – Victoria Georgieva

Photos: FIVB

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