Watch The Fiend’s WWE 2K20 Entrance, Top 10 Insanely Short WWE Title Matches

The Fiend’s Bizarre WWE 2K20 Entrance

As noted, Bray Wyatt’s alter ego known as “The Fiend” will be available as a DLC character in the upcoming WWE 2K20 video game. You can check out The Fiend’s bizarre entrance in the game below, which for some reason also takes place at a haunted farm with no fans in attendance (although there appears to be some unmoving zombies hanging out).

Top 10 Insanely Short WWE Title Matches

WWE has posted a new video featuring the Top 10 “insanely short WWE title matches”, just in case you needed a reminder that Brock Lesnar ended Kofi Kingston’s championship reign in less than 10 seconds. Check out the video below: