Volero overpowers French heroines

Cannes, France, February 11th, Palais des Victoires seems to have missed out tonight’s victory against the strong Swiss team of Zürich. Ravva & co. managed to stand up to Volero the first and the third set only to get shut out in tie-break (5-15). In fact, the entire match was literally a pursuit with ups and owns on both sides which turned out to be the loss of Cannes heroines in front of their enthusiastic supporters.

The game started well for Cannes on the background of a precise reception and quick distribution of settings from Mareen Apitz. Unfortunately, it was again reception that deceived them in the second act and shook up their offensive. Volero showed up their power in the second set when they did a much better job in serving and blocking; they took the lead soon and reached both technical time-outs with substantial leverage. It seemed that RC Cannes was overpowered (9-25), but they managed to pull it out through the third set and the general scored soon showed 2-1 for the home team. Volero replied immediately and took the fourth set into their account – the victory was about to be decided in tie-break. It was Volero who ‘started out loud’ the tie-break with US setter Courtney Thompson doing a good job in serving. RC Cannes, on the other side, seemed slightly overwhelmed by Swiss blockers, very strong in the important moments. The tie-break gave the impression to be one-way street in favour of Swiss team and their best scorer, Olesia Rykhliuk, who topped the scorer stats tonight with 23 points. No wonder she had finished Best scorer of last year’s Champions League edition.

Yan Fang’s players will get a second chance to change the tide and reach at least last year’s experience in one week’s time, in Saalsporthalle in Zürich.



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