VIDEO: Being The Elite – 'A Dark Order Christmas'

Video —

This week on Being The Elite —

The cold open —

Dark Order sang a Dark Order-themed version of The 12 Days of Christmas, then decided to go caroling. 

Dark Order —

Dark Order went caroling. They met Griff Garrison at their first stop. Garrison blew them off. 
Frankie Kazarian went to use the bathroom and Dark Order was in the stall. They did a Christmas Vacation spoof. 
After their caroling fails, Dark Order turned on Christmas. Colt Cabana talked them into giving their singing one more chance. 
The group sang Hangman the Handsome Cowboy to Hangman Page in a recruiting pitch. Hangman agreed to celebrate with them, but it was unclear whether or not he actually joined the group. 

The Elite —

The Young Bucks complained about having to pay $800 to replace a table that Dark Order broke while filming last week’s episode. 
The Young Bucks were shown at ringside for The Acclaimed vs. SCU on Dynamite. 
Hardy met with Private Party after their win on Dynamite last week. He explained that he teaches them lessons and that he didn’t steal the pin in their match, he was just showing them the proper way to secure a pin. The Bucks entered and told Hardy that he has been a real jerk lately. Hardy said his life changed at All Out when he got injured. He said the audience turned on him for getting hurt and he died on the inside that day. Hardy said he’s done giving and he’s going to leach off the business from now on. 

BTE Championship —

Sammy Guevara, Kip Sabian, Marko Stunt, Britt Baker, Anna Jay, Brian Pillman Jr. and Chuck Taylor competed for the BTE Championship number one contendership in a high/low card game. Marko Stunt beat Anna Jay in the final. It’s Stunt vs. Silver next week for the BTE Championship.  

Miscellaneous bits —

Christopher Daniels appeared to Frankie Kazarian and told him that if he didn’t start being nice to Brandon Cutler and enroll in anger management classes, he would be visited by three spirits. Fuego Del Sol appeared and said that he loved Daniels. 
Trent appeared to Kazarian as The Ghost of Christmas Past. Trent showed Kazarian a video package of him being a jerk to Cutler. 
Chuck Taylor then appeared to Kazarian as a ghost and showed him a video package of him being a jerk to Cutler. 
Orange Cassidy appeared to Kazarian as The Ghost of Christmas Future. Cassidy showed him a headline that said Kaz lost to Cutler in under a minute. Kazarian said that won’t be his future and he had a change of heart. He agreed to go to anger management and spread Christmas cheer backstage. 
A commercial aired for a Mikey Rukus music video starring Matt Hardy.
Sabian asked Leva Bates f she let him win when they played games last week. Bates said that she didn’t. When Sabian left, she told the camera that she let him win. 
Orange Cassidy fed Kris Statlander grapes backstage.