Updates On WWE Firing RAW's Head Writer, Additional Budget Cuts

As reported earlier this week, WWE’s former RAW head writer Jay Gibson was the latest employee to be let go by the company. According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Gibson’s departure was not a result of the company’s ongoing budget cuts.

Gibson had only been with the company for about 5 months and didn’t actually write the RAW scripts himself. He was basically in charge of managing the writing staff, delegating assignments. There were a lot of people who felt that Gibson did not have a good grasp on the WWE product or the wrestling business in general.

Since Gibson wasn’t doing much writing, his release is not as significant as the initial reports indicated.

Despite Gibson’s release not being directly related to budget cuts, WWE continues to slash various aspects of the production spending. WWE is no longer flying in NXT talent to play Adam Rose’s Rosebuds on television. NXT talent will only be used on Raw or Smackdown if they are within driving distance from Orlando, and can travel to the arenas themselves. Instead, WWE is now using local indy talent to play the Rosebuds. This began at last week’s RAW and SmackDown tapings from Green Bay and Minneapolis, were independent wrestlers Dysfunction, Justin Dredd, Chase McCoy, Joey Avalon and Melanie Cruise were used as Rosebuds.

It was reported exclusively by WrestleZone.com on Wednesday that WWE is no longer paying for the TV crew’s tour buses.

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