Updated Schedule For John Cena Including Plans After WrestleMania

If you are a fan of John Cena, then you should tune into WWE television while you can because he will be taking more time off in a few weeks. Cena is not listed on any advertisements for the summer months. His last advertised date is the Monday Night Raw after WrestleMania.
Cena has other Hollywood commitments on his plate but it is also worth noting that his shoulder issues have gotten worse in recent months. If you watch Cena in the ring then you’ve probably noticed how awkward his punches have gotten. The feeling in WWE is that even if he didn’t have Hollywood commitments that Cena would still have a reduced schedule because his body is so beat up from the years on the road. Cena has been praised for his amazing work ethic and he’s worked an insane schedule for over 15 years.
Cena is scheduled for the following dates:

Fastlane – 3/11 in Columbus, OH
Raw – 3/12 in Detroit
Live event – 3/16 in Madison Square Garden (NYC)
Live event – 3/11 in Oklahoma City, OK
Raw – 3/19 in Dallas, TX
Raw – 3/26 in Cleveland, OH
Raw – 4/9 in New Orleans, LA

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