Triple H's Gift To HBK At The Hall Of Fame & News On Jim Ross Calling RAW

– Shawn Michaels revealed on Twitter that Triple H’s Hall of Fame gift to him this past weekend was an engraved sterling silver, pearl handled, Colt .45 revolver.

– During HBK’s Hall of Fame speech, he said there was one person he wanted to thank, but that he wasn’t able to say that peson’s name. Many speculated this person was Ric Flair (who was in attendence at the ceremony), but Michaels wrote on Twitter this week that the mystery man was actually Vince McMahon. He tweeted:

“There seems 2b confusion on the “who” I couldn’t mention during my speech. It was Vince. He doesn’t want focus on him. U wanna c the real Vince watch the HOF ring presentation on the WWE Diary w/me. The rest is gimmick, don’t believe what u read. It sounds like a schill but its fact. But of course that’s jus 1 guys opinion that actually knows him…for 20+ yrs. Whadda I know.”

– WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross appeared on Monday’s RAW, calling the first few matches of the show before Michael Cole covered him in his own JR’s BBQ barbecue sauce. Ross wrote on Twitter that he didn’t find out that he’d be calling the first part of RAW until 6pm on Monday, just three hours before RAW went live.

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