TNA Knockout Advocating Marijuana Use?, New TNA Profiles Added, Angelina Love

— TNA Knockout Shelly “Salinas” Martinez recently opened a new page on MySpace after it was hacked a few months ago. It’s linked from her official website, so it’s legit. Anyway, on the page she recently posted a number of subtle hints regarding marijuana and why it should be legalized. The top two friends on her top friends list are legendary stoner Tommy Chong and the account promoting High Times magazine, which is a publication that strongly advocates the legalization of marijuana. She also has two banners linking to sites advocating the legalization of marijuana. One of the banners reads: “It is time that we all stand up for what is right and good so we can all come out of the Cannabis closet.” and “It’s not crack! It’s not coke! It just helps the pain. It’s just dope…” The banner also adds, “Stop the war on drugs. End Cannabis prohibition.” The banner then lists the number of deaths from tobacco, alcohol and other substances, but notes that there have been no deaths from marijuana use. As if that isn’t enough, her mood on the page is set to “high” and she has a little online quiz asking “Which Stoner Movie Character are you?” You can see Salinas’ MySpace page at

The Miami Herald has an article up regarding the relationship between TNA Knockouts star Angelina Love and the frontman of the rock band Saving Abel, Jared Weeks. The article notes that they kind of got together through MySpace. Angelina Love, who’s real name is Lauren Williams, saw Weeks at a concert in Austin, Texas a few months ago when she was in the area visiting friends. Williams, a big rock music fan, decided to check out their concert during her visit to the city, and liked what she saw. “She sent us a MySpace comment just congratulating us on the single and just telling us how much she liked the song,” said Weeks. “I checked her page out and was like, ‘Holy crap, this chick actually beats women up for a living. I better watch my back.’ She’s totally cool about her job. There’s a difference when she is at her job and who she is, when she’s not. I actually love both of them. So I’m rolling with the punches.” Weeks also talks about the number of concussions Williams has had this year, which amounts to two within the span of a few months. She got one in a match with Awesome Kong a few months ago, and got another one a few weeks ago during her feud with ODB and Roxxi Laveaux. “I think she has too many notches on the concussion belt. I think she had two this year alone, and I don’t think you’re supposed to have that many in a lifetime,” Weeks said. “She was slow for a few days. She actually just went home and was distraught about it. I guess it takes a while to get your head back right. She had to wear earplugs at all the shows. It just goes to show you have to pay attention, no matter what job you’re doing, because you can get kicked in the face and knocked out, even at a rock show.” At next month’s Victory Road pay-per-view in Houston, plans are in place for Angelina Love & Velvet Sky to come out to Saving Abel’s hit song Addicted. There is also talk of having Saving Abel perform at the pay-per-view as well. To read the article in its entirety, click here.

— TNA recently added a slew of profiles to the company website include ones on Abyss, Andrew Thomas, Consequences Creed, Earl Hebner, Rudy Charles, and mysterious announcer David Penzer, who you never see on TV. {Page link}

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