TNA Hard Justice Results – August 10, 2008

TNA Hard Justice Results – 8/10/2008
Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey
Report by: Richard Gray of

The pay-per-view goes on the air with a ‘Dragnet’ intro leading into the promotional material promoting the feuds that will culminate at Hard Justice. TNA — Cross The Line.

We’re live on Hard Justice with Lauren in the parking lot confronting Sting who is arriving at the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey. She begs Sting to give us an explanation for his behavior but he refuses to speak Mike Tenay welcomes use as Sting is in the building. Cue hip-hop performance by Grandmaster Caz, Ice-T, and Filthee.

“Maple Leaf Muscle” Petey Williams vs. Consequences Creed
X-Division Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA X-Division Championship. The challenger, Consequences Creed, comes out first with his afro in tact. Petey Williams – the X-Division Champion – is out next accompanied by Rhaka Khan. Referee Slick Johnson (the ref with shorts) is the official. Johnson calls for the bell and we’re underway. Creed knocks Williams down to the mat and hits a hip-toss. Creed uses some mat wrestling to get the opening control. Williams tries to counter and utilize some high-flying maneuvers but Creed gets out and gets a quick cover. Arm drag from Consequences Creed into another cover. Creed pushes Williams as he retreats to the corner to re-group. Creed hits a press slam and follows by diving over the top rope with a back flip onto Williams with an awesome spot. Creed gets on the apron to let the crowd knows he’s OK. He works on Williams on the outside but Williams counters on the apron. The referee gets distracted and Rhaka Khan lands a blow. Williams is now dictating everything as he gets a two count with Creed back in the ring.

Creed backs Williams down with rights and lefts. Consequences Creed winds up for a big right but he telegraphs the move as Williams gets out of the way. Williams taunts him with push-ups, the crowd his heavily behind the reigning X-Division Champion. Williams whips Creed out to the floor. Creed gets on the apron and takes a drop kick from Williams. Williams hits a hurricanrana on Creed after diving over the top rope. Williams roles Creed back into the ring. Williams gets a two count and hits a drop toe hold. Williams is feeding off the crowd that’s behind him in a big bulk. Williams does a pose down as he rakes Consequence Creed’s eyes. Creed takes a front turnbuckle but counters with a high kick to the face of Petey Williams. Williams gets up first, Creed follows. Blows are exchanged in the middle of the ring. Creed drops a clothesline followed by elbows. Creed looks to be gaining control but Petey counters. Creed, off the top rope, hits a face plant and takes Williams down with a knockout blow. Two count for Creed on Williams.

Russian leg sweep from Petey Williams in a counter. Williams taunts the Canadian Destroyer. He goes for it but Creed counters. Williams hits a jawbreaker but Creed springs up like it was nothing. Petey, on the apron, hits a shoulder block on a running Creed. Creed loads Williams up on his back but drops him and nearly loses the match. Creed hits Williams with a back slide for a two count. Creed connects a spinning heel kick. Creed lifts Williams high above his head, Williams gets out and locks the Sharpshooter on Creed. Referee Slick Johnson checks for submission. Consequences Creed makes it to the ropes and the crowd isn’t happy about it as Johnson calls for the hold to be broke. Williams slaps Creed and belittles him in the ring. Knife edge chops from Williams onto Creed. Creed tells him to bring it on as Williams gives him a third. Petey connects right hands followed by a shoulder block. Creed counters with a release suplex. Creed builds a counter and a Creed DDT. Creed goes off the top rope and hits his leg drop. 1, 2, he only gets a two count! Rhaka Khan gets in the ring, she eats a knockout blow from Consequences Creed. Williams comes back in and goes for the Canadian Destroyer. Creed counters and gets another near fall. Sheik Abdul Bashir comes down the ramp and hits a chair shot on Creed. This enables Williams to hit the Canadian Destroyer for the three count.

Winner & still TNA X-Division Champion – Petey Williams

Taylor Wilde, Gail Kim & ODB vs. The Beautiful People & Awesome Kong
Six- Woman Knockouts Match

The special referee Traci Brooks is announced first. She comes to ringside wearing a very short referee shirt. The Beautiful People – Angelina Love & Velvet Sky come out next. Awesome Kong accompanied by Raisha Saeed is out to join her teammates. Here comes ODB with her flask in hand. Gail Kim comes out next with yellow ring attire and black wrestling boots. The TNA Knockout Women’s Champion Taylor Wilde comes out last. The match begins with ODB and Angelina Love. Traci Brooks is the referee. ODB taunts Love and pushes her to her own corner. ODB dances around, urging contact. Angelina tags in Velvet Sky. Velvet sprays perfume in the ring before she’ll lock up with her. Sky throws a right then a left but ODB blocks. ODB goes for a kick but Sky blocks it. ODB picks up the bottle of the perfume she sprays her bikini line. Ew… gross! Now it’s Gail Kim and Velvet Sky. Gail is all business with elbows as she catches Sky in a cover for a two count. Gail climbs the rope and hits a hip toss. Angelina Love is now in and she takes Gail’s offense as well. Gail tags in Taylor Wilde. Taylor Wilde goes to battle with Love concluding with an arm drag. Wilde hits a drop kick as Love retreats to her corner. Wilde welcomes contact as Love teases a tag to Awesome Kong.

Kong is tagged in but Kim is tagged in as well. ODB ends up tagging in to face Kong. They exchange blows but Kong ends up hitting a clothesline on ODB. ODB grabs at her breast as Kim and Taylor Wilde go for a double team on Kong. Kong hits a double clothesline on both. Now ODB gets involved so it’s three on one with Kong. Kong ends up getting thrown over the top rope onto the outside. The babyfaces have cleared the ring as Traci Brooks tries to restore order. The Beautiful People check on Kong on the outside. Kong gets in the ring to take right hands from ODB. Saeed trips ODB and retreats up the ramp. Kong manhandles ODB in the ring. Traci Brooks ejects Saeed from ringside. Kong is very unhappy with Saeed being ejected as she confronts Traci Brooks. ODB spits in Kong’s face but she eats a splash. Velvet Sky gets a tag and a near fall on ODB. Velvet Sky gets ODB in that octopus type move as she bites ODB’s wrist. ODB backs her into a turnbuckle.

ODB tags in Gail Kim who hits her offense on Angelina Love who is tagged in as well. Kim hit a spectacular drop kick. Kim gets on the apron and eats a blow by Love into the steel rail on the outside. Love goes to work on Kim on the outside before rolling her back in the ring. Angelina Love gets a two count on Kim in the ring as she applies a choke hold. Brooks warns her before Love gets back on top of Kim and starts pounding at her face. Love has a blatant choke hold as Traci gets physical and pulls her off. Love confronts Brooks in the ring. Love goes back to work on Kim, sending her hard into the turnbuckle. Love is furious and Traci Brooks as Traci ends up shoving her to the mat as Kim tags in Taylor Wilde. Wilde builds offense against Love. Love nearly takes the loss but Kong makes the save. Awesome Kong attempts the Awesome Bomb on Wilde but Gail Kim makes the save with a drop kick. All 6 women are in the ring. Kim is knocked to the outside with Kong throwing her into the guard rail. In the ring, Angelina Love hits a huge maneuver on Taylor Wilde. Kong continues to work on Kong. Wilde gets Love caught in a roll-up for the three count and the win.

Winners – Taylor Wile, Gail Kim, & ODB

The Latin American Xchange vs. Beer Money
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

The following match is for the TNA Tag Team Championship. Beer Money with Jacqueline is introduced first. The TNA Tag Team Champions LAX come out next with Salinas and Hector Guerrero. Filthee performs their theme song live as they all comes to ringside. Hernandez goes right after James Storm on the outside, Homicide does the same to Roode. The match is not officially underway but the fight is ongoing on the outside. Hernandez ends up eating a hard whip into the guard rail from James Storm. He gets up and fights Storm off. The bell rings as Roode and Homicide are in the ring. Homicide leaves his feet and takes Roode down. Hernandez gets in the ring to double team Roode. They hit the drive by as the double team continues on The Tennessee Cowboy as well. Hernandez hits a spinning neck breaker on Storm and puts him up for a superplex. Hernandez holds him up for what seems like forever before dropping him. Storm tries to get out of the ring but Homicide hits a butterfly snap suplex and a two count. Homicide tags in Hernandez as he throws Storm to the outside with Roode. Homicide misses a high risk maneuver out of the ring but Hernandez hits a swan dive over the top rope onto both members of Beer Money, Inc.

Now it’s Homicide and Roode in the ring. The crowd is heavily behind LAX as Homicide hits a suplex off the ropes onto Roode. He gets a two count but pulls Roode up to dish out more pain and punishment. Jacqueline distracts referee Andrew Thomas as Storm spits beer in the eyes of Homicide. Roode goes to work on Homicide, ripping the shirt off his back. Storm goes to work with him with a double team. Homicide and Storm are the legal men. Storm rakes the eyes of Homicide. Roode is tagged in and hits some chops on Homicide. Roode hits a vicious backbreaker and a two count. Homicide sells that he cannot see as Roode whips him into the corner. Homicide counters with a boot. Control is exchanged but Roode ends up taking Hernandez off the apron. Roode makes a tag and Storm chokes out Homicide. Another tag is made… here comes Roode. Double suplex on Homicide.

Roode and Homicide are the legal men as the referee checks on Homicide. Homicide backs Roode down with right hands but not for long as Roode works him over. Roode tags in Storm. Storm lifts Hernandez above his head and ends up hitting a DDT. Storm gets a long two count on Homicide. He applies a submission hold on Homicide. Homicide tries to counter but he gets caught in another near fall by James Storm. Storm tags in Robert Roode. Roode applies a submission hold on Homicide. Homicide battles with right hands but eats another move of Robert Roode. Roode goes for a suplex on Homicide – he hits two and then three. Lots of heat from the crowd as Roode taunts them. Roode goes to the apron and climbs to the top rope. Roode went for the frog splash but nobody’s home! Storm is tagged in but so is Hernandez. Hernandez takes out both members of Beer Money by throwing them over his head. He stacks them up and sandwiches them with a splash in the corner. Huge spinebuster on Storm for a two count that’s broken up by Robert Roode. Roode sends Hernandez to the corner. Roode on the apron hits a shoulder block but Hernandez starts to counter. Help from James Storm for a two count.

Hernandez hits a double clothesline and tags in Homicide. Homicide goes off the top rope with a dual drop kick onto Beer Money. Homicide hits a suplex on Storm. Jackie interferes but Homicide shrugs her off and hits the splash. Two count from Homicide onto James Storm. High ankle spinebuster from Roode but he eats a fall-away slam from Hernandez. Homicide takes out Storm. Everyone’s down but Beer Money retreats to the outside. Homicide and Hernandez argue in the ring — wait — Hernandez border tosses Homicide over the top ropes onto Storm and Roode. Unbelievable. Hernandez is busted open as the crowd is eating this up. Roode gets back in the ring and lands offense on Hernandez sending him to the outside. Hernandez eats a manevuer from Roode as Jackie and Salinas get into it. Hector breaks it up. Homicide goes for Rainbow killer but Roode hits a beer bottle shot on Homicide. Storm pins Homicide for the three count.

Winners & new TNA World Tag Team Champions – James Storm & Robert Roode

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal vs. “The Guru” Sonjay Dutt
Black Tie Brawl N’ Chain Match

Heel Sonjay Dutt comes out first. This is a ridiculous gimmick match. Here’s the stipulation ripped from my news report from earlier: The gimmick for the Jay Lethal vs. Sonjay Dutt match is that both workers will be chained together and a win is earned by pinfall or tearing off the opponent’s tuxedo. The official TNA website notes that the chain can be used as a weapon. Jay Lethal comes out in his tux with SoCal Val. Lethal is from New Jersey so I would expect him to be over big time with the live crowd. Lethal’s family is shown in attendance. Slick Johnson, the referee, has the steel chain and he will be chaining the wrestlers in tuxedos together. Dutt refuses to be chained together. He jumps to the outside as Johnson teases that he’ll name Lethal the winner. Lethal is already chained. Dutt finally gets in and allows referee Slick Johnson to get chained up. Lethal gets out of the chain and connects his side to the ropes. Lethal assaults Dutt who is chained up to the ropes.

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Johnson gets the chain off the ropes but Lethal grabs it and hits another blow on Dutt. Dutt is assaulted by Jay Lethal. Finally Lethal is chained up as Dutt gets the chain in-between Lethal’s legs. The bell rings and we’re officially underway. The Guru starts to rip off the tuxedo off of Lethal. The crowd starts to chant ‘let’s go Lethal’ as Sonjay dominates. Sonjay wraps the chain around his fist but he misses. Lethal counters with rights followed by a running elbow. Lethal starts tearing at the tuxedo of Dutt. Lethal throws The Guru over the top but they’re still chain together. Lethal sling shots over the top onto Dutt on the outside. Lethal starts ripping more clothes off of Dutt. Don West ponders why SoCal Val isn’t supporting Lethal. Sonjay starts to counter on the outside. He goes over the guard rail into the crowd. Lethal pulls him back on the chain. Lethal wraps the chain around Dutt on the outside around the post. Lethal continues to strip Dutt.

Lethal miss-connects on a right hand right into the steel ring post. Dutt counters with hard right hands. He works on the head of Jay Lethal. Val looks distraught as she covers up her eyes. Dutt roles Lethal into the ring. Val says something to Lethal as he starts to counter in the ring. Lethal chokes Dutt with the chain – Slick Johnson stops it as SoCal Val tells him to stop it. Lethal has Dutt hung outside with the chain. Val is leaving ringside. Lethal looks up the ramp with Sonjay on the outside. While Jay is pre-occupied, Sonjay drags Lethal into the ring post on the chain. Dutt sets Lethal up in the turnbuckles upside down. Dutt strips Lethal’s shirt off. Dutt mocks Lethal with the Machismo like motions. The cameras show Lethal’s family who look distraught. The Guru goes to work on Lethal on the outside as he taunts Lethal’s family. Dutt roles Lethal back into the ring where he goes for the pants of the former X-Division Champion. Sonjay springboards off the top rope but Lethal grabs the chain in a risky spot. Dutt is on the mat selling the spot where Lethal whips him from corner-to-corner with the chain. Lethal connects a flying knee on Dutt followed by a more offense. Lethal gets a two count.

Lethal tries to lift Sonjay but Sonjay counters out. Dutt hits more offense and gets a two count. VERY loud ‘FIRE RUSSO’ chants. Lethal hits a fisherman’s suplex into a two count. It all started with the Hindu Press by Sonjay but Lethal countered. Lethal hits several right hands. Lethal hits the Lethal combination. Lethal goes to the top, he hits the elbow and gets the three count for the win.

Winner – Jay Lethal

“The Instant Classic” Christian Cage & “The War Machine” Rhino vs. Team 3D
New Jersey Street Fight

Team 3D comes out first followed by Rhino and Christian Cage. The fight starts with Christian pouncing on Bubba as Devon controls Rhino. Falls count anywhere folks as there are weapons surrounding ringside. Rhino connects on Devon and gets a quick cover. Brother Ray goes to work on Christian in the ring as Devon and Rhino go to the outside. Christian uses the ropes to come right after Bubba. Brother Ray tosses Christian several feet in the air with a back body drop. Meanwhile, Devon goes to work on Rhino on the outside. We’re split screen as Brother Ray hits a sign shot on Christian. Rhino is in the crowd – feeding off them. He gets attacked by Devon. Christian gains control over Brother Ray. The action is all over the ring as Christian drinks a fan’s beer. Rhino tosses beer all over Devon as we go back to one screen.

Christian battles with Brother Ray on the stairs in the arena with fans all around. Ray counters Christian’s blows with stiff right hands. All four wrestlers are in one area as Christian connects on a high risk spot. Don West proclaims that Rhino is hurt bad. Devon hits several right hands on Rhino as Brother Ray kicks Christian down the stairs. Christian trips all the way down. Meanwhile, Brother Devon goes at it with Rhino. Loud ‘TNA’ chants from the crowd as Brother Ray connects to the head of Christian. Ray goes off a barrier onto Christian as Rhino throws Devon through a sign into the crowd control barrier. We’re finally back in the ring with Christian holding up a ‘Christian Use My Sign’ sign. He hits Bubba over the head with it as the sign had a hard surface taped to it. Rhino is in the ring as he connects a shoulder block to the corner on Devon. Christian and Rhino double team Ray then Devon with ‘ECW’ chants coming from the crowd.

Brother Ray hits Christian with the dummy sign and goes to the outside. He picks up the steel ring stairs and throws them in the ring. Devon drives them right into Rhino. Brother Ray sets Christian up on the steps in the ring. Ray goes to the middle rope but Christian goes up to meet him. Christian turns him right around and plants his face into the steel ring steps. Christian hits Devon with a Detour sign. Christian goes back to work on Ray on the steps. Brother Ray hits the full nelson drop. He gets a near fall on Christian with loud ‘TNA’ chants from the fans. Ray goes to work on Christian with a ‘Do Not Enter’ sign. Devon throws a barrel to Ray as the crowd chants ‘we want tables’. Ray goes to work on Christian but Rhino gets in to make the save. Devon was waiting for him as he goes to work on Christian. Devon takes off after Christian but he stops him. Rhino hits GORE on Devon. Cross-body off the top rope onto Ray from the Instant Classic. Christian goes for the Unprettier on Brother Ray but he counters with a fall away slam. Rhino sets Brother Ray up on the top rope and bangs Devon’s head into his crotch. Christian goes for a hurricanrana on Brother Ray off the top but Brother Ray counters with a huge powerbomb off the top. Brother Ray gets a near fall on Christian on the mat.

Finally Devon puts a table into the ring to appease the crowd. Brother Ray uses a ‘Detour’ sign on Rhino as Team 3D sets up a table in the corner. Team 3D slings Rhino into the table but he puts on the brakes. Rhino hits a double clothesline. Christian tosses Rhino a ladder. Rhino uses it on Team 3D. Rhino sets up the ladder in the ring. Christian climbs the ladder with Rhino holding it. Christian stands on top of the ladder and hits frog splash on Devon. Rhino hits GORE on Brother Ray into the table. Rhino goes for the cover for the three count.

Winners – Rhino & Christian Cage

“The Phenomenal” AJ Styles vs. Kurt Angle
Last Man Standing Match

Kurt Angle comes out first followed by Styles. The following is a Last Man Standing Match. The bell rings and we’re underway. Angle is in his American flag singlet. Angle retreats to the outside before the two can lock up. They go for the lockup but Angle retreats back to the outside. It happens a third time as AJ chases him around the ring. Angle gets to the ring first and takes AJ down. Angle feeds AJ right hands and follows with stiff stomps. Huge suplex from Angle onto Styles followed by a sleeper hold. We haven’t seen much mat wrestling tonight. The crowd is split as AJ makes his way to his feet. AJ backs him down with stiff right hands. Styles stomps Angle down in the corner. Angle takes Styles down to the mat. He follows up with a European uppercut. Styles showcases his agility culminating with a clothesline out of the ring on Angle. Styles hits a flip dive over the top rope onto Angle. Great spot.

Styles gets a near fall on the outside. Styles slams Angle’s head off the apron and follows by throwing him into the guard rail. High kick from AJ – Kurt gets back in the ring and pleads with AJ to back off. Scoop slam from Styles onto Angle. AJ mounts more offense with a knee to the face of Angle followed by a two count. Angle ends up throwing AJ Styles between the ropes to the outside. Angle sells the cut on his head as he goes to the outside. Angles goes to work on AJ with a European uppercut on the outside. Angle whips Styles into the barrier but Styles leaps over. Styles goes off the guard rail, Angle catches him and hits a vicious suplex. Angle gets a two count in the corner of the crowd control barrier.

Angle bounces AJ’s head off the steel ring steps on the outside. AJ counters with back hand chops on the outside. Styles chases Angle up the entrance way. Angle counters with a kick to the midsection. Angle goes for a suplex on the ramp but Styles counters and connects on a suplex of his own. Two count from Styles on Angle on the ramp. AJ keeps pursing Angle at the top of the ramp with hard right hands. Styles misses one and eats a suplex from Angle off the ramp onto the floor. Angle does a standing backflip on the concrete floor. Angle is insane to do that spot with his neck. Angle gets a two count on the concrete. Angle applies a side headlock and bring AJ back to ringside. He bashes AJ’s head off the announce table and roles him back into the ring. Angle hits a backbreaker on Styles followed by a pair of near falls. Angle goes back to wearing down Styles with a submission maneuver.

AJ gets to his feet still in the headlock. AJ pushes Kurt into the corner and breaks the hold followed by a drop kick. AJ works the ribs of Angle and follows up with knife edge chops. AJ sends Kurt into the turnbuckles and hits more chops. Angle counters with a huge release suplex, tossing AJ overhead to the mat. Scoop slam from Angle into a two count. Angle locks in a side headlock on the mat on Styles. Angle wrenches back on the headlock on Styles. The referee checks for submission. Angle turns up the pressure but it looks like AJ might escape. AJ is to his feet, he breaks the hold and backs Angle down with chops. Ric Flair WOOOs from the crowd. AJ is all over Angle with stiff offense. Angle gets shot off the ropes as they collide in mid-air with a springboard. The referee starts the double count out but both men get to their feet. Three clotheslines in a row for AJ onto Angle. AJ springboards off the top rope with a shoulder block. Styles lifts Angle on his back for a backbreaker/torture rack. Styles drops Angle followed by a two count.

Styles continues to go work on the Olympic Gold Medalist as he goes for the Styles Clash. Angle counters and locks in the ankle lock. Styles counters out and hits a spinebuster. ‘This is awesome’ chants from the crowd as AJ goes to the top. Angle comes at him but AJ fights him off. AJ goes for the hurricanrana but Angle counters with a powerbomb. Angle goes for Styles Clash but Styles counters with an ankle lock. Styles drops down and causes Angle to tap out in the ankle lock. That’s step one as the referee has to complete a 10 count to give AJ the win. Kurt gets up at 9. He flips AJ out to the apron, AJ gets back in and rocks Angle with a right. Styles springboards backwards but Angle hits a low blow. German suplex from Angle onto Styles. Here comes another.

Angle gives AJ a third German suplex. Kurt goes for another but ends up hitting a lateral press followed by a two count. Kurt taunts AJ in the ring. Angle went for the Olympic Slam but AJ counters with his agility. Both men are down – here comes the double count out. AJ gets a two count on Kurt Angle. Styles rolls out to the apron, he goes to the top rope. Angle follows-up with a right and hard shots to the back of AJ Styles. Angle went for a suplex but AJ battles him off the ropes with stiff elbows. AJ sets up on the top but eats a suplex. Angle gets the three count on Styles. 10 count has to follow. Olympic Slam from Angle onto AJ – another three count. 10 count must follow.

AJ gets up at 8 1/2 or 9 as he goes for another Olympic Slam. AJ hits Styles Clash and a three count. A 10 count must follow. Angle barely gets up before 10. AJ hits a shoulder block in the corner. He sets Kurt up on the top rope. Looks like Styles wants a superplex, Angle fights him off. Kurt’s got a hold of AJ but AJ hits a DDT right on the head of Angle off the top rope. AJ gets the three count – a 10 count must follow. Angle is counted out.

Winner – AJ Styles

Samoa Joe vs. Booker T
TNA World Heavyweight Championship Match
Six Sides Of Steel Weapons Match

The following match is a Six Sides of Steel Match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Booker T comes out first with the TNA title around his waist and Sharmell by his side. Booker is the challenger for the match. We cut to a backstage camera shot of Samoa Joe making his way to ringside. A promo video airs. Jeremy Borash is in the ring for the formal introductions. He goes over the rules before introducing the challenger – Booker T. Samoa Joe the TNA Heavyweight Champion of the world is introduced next. The bell rings as both competitors are in the six sides of steel structure. The weapons are fixtures inside the structure. It’s going to be hard to follow Styles vs. Angle. They lock up and Joe goes on the offensive first on Booker.

Booker uses chops and elbows to gain control. Booker grabs a kendo stick but Joe counters with a kick to the midsection. Joe whips Booker into the turnbuckles and sends him to the mat. Joe pulls down a trash can and positions it on Booker. He kicks it into the face of Booker and lands on it. Booker sells it well. Joe twirls a kendo stick around before giving Booker a hard shot with it. Joe stalks Booker and delivers his MMA style punches to the midsection of the challenger. Booker reverses and lands some elbows. Booker pick up the mangled garbage can and crushes it on the forehead of Joe. Booker picks up a hockey stick but misses Joe. Joe counters with a standing drop kick. Joe’s got two trash can lids. Booker gets up and Joe rings his bell with both of them. He hits Booker in the ears with one and in the face with the other. Two count for Joe as Sharmell cheers Booker on. Joe misses on a chair shot and eats a spin kick from Booker. Joe is face down on the mat. Booker as the chair as Joe tries to get to his feet. Booker hits a hard chair shot to the face of Joe. Joe is busted open to eat right hands. Booker drops a leg on a trash can lid over the face of Joe.

Booker uses some type of handle on the neck of Samoa Joe. Booker climbs the cage, Joe follows. They duke it out on the top rope. Joe brings him down with a diamond cutter type maneuver. Both men are shaken up. Joe gets to his feet and nails right hands to the face of Booker. Joe tries to climb out of the cage but Booker pulls him off onto his back. Lateral press and referee Earl Hebner counts to two. Booker locks in a Guillotine type choke on Joe. Joe gets his foot on the ropes to break the hold. Booker kicks the trash can lid right in the face of Joe. He gets a cover for a two count but it’s broke by Joe grabbing the ropes. Sharmell is not happy on the outside. Booker tries to intimate referee Earl Hebner. Booker climbs up the side of the cage. Joe reaches for him and then follows. Joe hits several right hands. Booker exchanges blows on the top rope. Joe went for a sweet spinning kick, knocking himself to the mat and pushing Booker off. Joe hits a lariat and a snap slam for a two count. Joe hits a powerbomb and locks in the cross face. The referee checks for submission.

Joe is hanging on to Booker for dear life but Booker makes it to the ropes. Joe lays down a steel chair in the middle of the ring. He stacks another chair on top of it. Joe sets Booker up on the top rope perhaps for a Muscle Buster but Booker counters. Joe counters and goes for it again. Muscle Buster attempt on the chairs. Booker counters and hits a Book End on the chairs. Two count. Spinarooni from Booker, hits the axe kick on Joe. The arena goes dark as Joe hits a knockout blow with a guitar. Joe covers Booker for the three count in front of a stunned crowd.

Winner & still TNA World Heavyweight Champion – Samoa Joe

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