The Bella Twins Talk About What They Love Most About Working For WWE

WWE Divas The Bella Twins recently took part in a Q&A with the “Move, Nourish, Believe” website. Below are some of the highlights from the interview.

On if they have always been into health & fitness or if there was an “aha” moment:

Nikki: “I grew up as an athlete and in an athletic family. I was always familiar with workouts, hard work and eating right, but honestly the major ‘aha’ moment of truly eating right was when I started dating my boyfriend, John Cena. He just showed me a whole new way of life, a way to truly enjoy eating right and working out. I feel I can finally see the results physically that I have always wanted.”

Brie: “Like Nikki said, we were athletes growing up so we were always fit, but I wasn’t really educated in health. We grew up in a farming family so I always ate non-processed food and fresh produce. It wasn’t until I lived on my own that I realized how hard it was to eat healthy at a low cost with a busy schedule. At around 20 years old I started to educate myself on nutrition. I’m so grateful that I taught myself the importance of health and fitness in my early twenties. I created a lifestyle that I love and because of that I’ve never had to diet.”

On what they love most about their jobs:

Nikki: “Kicking butt! Haha! I love the competition in the ring and always doing what I can to improve as a WWE Diva (a female wrestler). I also absolutely love the fans and live crowds. The energy is so amazing – unlike anything I have ever experienced before! Oh and we travel the world which I love to do! Not very many jobs take you worldwide.”

Brie: “Empowering Women. I love dominating in what’s been considered man’s world and showing them that women are equal talent. When I stand in that ring after a match I feel like the strongest ME! It’s truly the greatest feeling.”

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