Taras Khtey: I am glad we won over Bulgaria

It was a pleasant game though Bulgaria was a tough opponent. Now we will eat well, relax and get ready for Vienna,” added Russian captain Taras Khtey after the game.

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Russian coach Vladimir Alekno added: “In the quarterfinals you have no right to make a mistake. There are no easy matches. Today we achieved two victories – one for our character and another with the final result. It was hard work today but every player understood what kind of Volleyball he was supposed to play. High balls were one of the key points as we improved this fundamental”.

Poland qualified for the semis and defending champions around Piotr Gruszka got revenge for their defeat to Slovakia from the prelims. Two more great teams, with a long tradition and impressive showcase of medals from major competitions, Serbia and Italy, joined the semis from the 1/4 finals played in Vienna.

Finland was evidently too tired after yesterday’s five-setter with Slovenia to represent a real threat for the “Azzurri” while Serbia delighted the Balkan community residing in Austria’s capital city by cruising past 2009 silver medalist France.

On Saturday Italy will play Poland at 3 pm while the second semifinal, the big match starring Russia and Serbia, will follow at 6 pm.

source: CEV