Taking Down Christmas: When Should The Decorations Come Down?

The presents have been unwrapped in a gleeful frenzy with the beautiful paper discarded and tossed away. The tree that was so beautifully decorated and the center of everyone’s attention now sits bare and unlit.

The lights that took hours to hang on the outside of the house, will likely go unlit on Dec. 26. The most commercialized holiday in America is finally over.

Christmas is the most celebrated holiday in the world, with decorations of every sort, and twinkling light shows that take an enormous amount of time to put up, and to take down but are nonetheless dazzling.

The question is, how long should Christmas decorations stay up?

It depends on whom you ask, and it seems everyone has a preference. Some people are ready to get things taken down and back to normal a day or two after Christmas.

“I took my daughter’s down today and cleaned the whole house, and I will take mine down this weekend,” Rebekah Fix said.

That’s also the case for Yolanda Ballard, Jackie Kirk, Laurie Cheatham, and Beverly Streun, who likely had their decorations, lights and accompanying Christmas trees either stored away for next year, or placed on the curb for recycling by sundown on Dec.26.

Some folks have specific traditions and specific reasons related to the great dismantling and removal of Christmas decor in swift fashion.

“We have always taken ours down Christmas evening because our daughter’s birthday is Dec. 27, and we always made sure that her birthday was a separate occasion from Christmas,” said Dana Baker.

However, others prefer to wait a little while, with some opting a day or two after the start of the new year.

Jennifer Taylor Cantlon, Dan Neal, and Sandra Livia will take theirs down just after the start of 2019, and so will Jessie Moreno, Robin Stephenson Hibbard, and Cindy Streun Harris.

But some are just in no hurry to take down those beautiful decorations and will wait just a little longer.

“We usually leave them up through the Epiphany. So they stay up until Jan. 7,” said Darren Dunn of Seguin. “That’s the tradition for my wife and kids now. However, growing up in Houston, my mom and dad always took them down on Jan. 2.”

Sarah Martinez, who lives near Clear Lake, said she asked her husband if they could leave their Christmas decorations up for all of 2019, but the answer was no, she said.

Randy Baber in The Woodlands said they left a small Christmas tree up for nearly a year, but the norm is usually until sometime in late February.

Of course, there are some who just never get around to taking theirs down.

“Our tree has been up for three years, LOL,” said Gretchen Fagan of Tomball.

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