Take It To The Table: WWE 2K20 Let’s Play Ep. 2

Hello Gang!
Back again with a new special episode of Take It To The Table.
Due to the overwhelming response from the last video, we decided to play another round of possible Game of The Year *LOL*…WWE 2K20.

All jokes aside (temporarily…), for those that haven’t heard on the news, the latest iteration in the WWE 2K franchise has been made fun of quite constantly on social media, due to a plague of glitches and bugs and downgrade of the graphics. Clearly the split from developer Yukes have taken it’s toll on Visual Concepts and they are feeling the wrath from fans on Social Media with the trending hashtag on Twitter…#FixWWE2K20.
And what better way to confirm these reports, than playing the game for ourselves haha.
Last time it was Myself and Mr Rymz, this time its Ridez that joins us.
This was played after Patch 1.02 which apparently fixed alot of the problems..

Is it STILL as bad as people say it is?? Or is it even worse?? Let’s Take It….To The Table!!