Suspicious 911 Call Helps Save Kitten By Johns Creek Police

JOHNS CREEK, GA — Johns Creek Police weren’t sure what to expect when they received a call of a “suspicious ladder” going down into a manhole in a local town home neighborhood. But what came from that call may just restore some faith in humanity.

The Johns Creek Police department received a call July 11 about suspicious activity involving a ladder sticking out of a manhole.

While there, Robert Chong came outside his town home, the department said. The man told officers that he heard cries of help from a kitten he estimated to be no more than a month old during the middle of the night, and during a heavy storm.

The kitten had fallen into the storm drain and could not get out. Chong said he built a ladder for the kitten and moved the manhole cover to place the ladder inside so the kitten could climb out. He also put bowls of food and water outside for the kitten, the department said. The kitten did make her way out of the hole safely the next morning.

That’s not where her happy story ends, however. The man made a YouTube video documenting the kitten’s journey, and one of his neighbors saw the video and adopted the kitten.

After the story went viral locally, Chong went to Facebook to give more details, including disclosing he is not even a cat lover.

“I just did what most people would have done,” he said. “I don’t think I deserve all this attention. I was just fortunate enough to hear her crying. But, thank you for all of the support and good words. I appreciate that. In all honesty, I’ve been battling a bad depression and anxiety after having a stroke three months ago. I literally almost died three months ago. This little kitten showed me what survivor means. I’m not sure if I saved her… or she saved me.”

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