Superstars Across Promotions Respond To Sexy Star Controversy

Wrestlers across promotions, including multiple names within WWE, are speaking out against the accounts of Sexy Star purposely shooting on Rosemary at AAA Triplemania over the weekend to pop her shoulder out of place on purpose.
AAW Champion and fellow Lucha Underground talent Sami Callihan posted a lengthy response condemning Star’s actions:


“After seeing what happened to Rosemary last night at AAA I’m outraged. Our generation needs to band together and end shit like this once and for all. We need to end the times of bullying, hazing and garbage behavior in a sports that’s predetermined. How can people take things so serious when this is a world of undead wizards, cowboys, dancing dinosaurs, and anything else our imagination can come up with. Our generation can finally change things. We can be the generation to change things for the better. We can be the generation who stand up for people’s rights. I’m sickened and disappointed at the business I love more than anything: THIS NEEDS TO END NOW.” [edited for clarity] – (H/T WrestleZone’s Mike Killam)

Here’s a number of responses across promotions about the incident:



How bad ass are you when @WeAreRosemary let’s you put her in an armbar & you shoot & pop her arm out? Ur not! Ban sexy or give her a shoot
— Brian Cage (@MrGMSI_BCage) August 27, 2017

Obviously intentionally hurting someone who is putting full trust in you to NOT hurt them is stupid. Karma gets everyone eventually.
— Ricochet (@KingRicochet) August 27, 2017

For the record, @WeAreRosemary is one of my favorite people in wrestling. Heal up homie ????
— Mike Kanellis (@RealMikeBennett) August 27, 2017

Mike, did that girl really hurt @WeAreRosemary ? Just wondering so I can insure she never works any where near me! #OUDK #POWEROFLOVE
— Brian G. James (@WWERoadDogg) August 27, 2017

Sexy Star will never set foot in one of my locker rooms. I hope others follow suit.
— Cody Rhodes (@CodyRhodes) August 28, 2017

Sending love to my girl @WeAreRosemary the whole wrestling world is behind you!! No room for bullies in this business.
— PAIGE (@RealPaigeWWE) August 27, 2017

Bring your shitty work and that pussy boxer husband to my ring SexyStar. Me & my new wife to be @impactlvn will shoot on you for a shoot
— GRADO (@gradowrestling) August 27, 2017

So you watched Sexy Star at #TriplemaniaXXV last night too?
— ec3 (@therealec3) August 27, 2017

It’s disappointing to see a “professional” be so careless and wreckless with a fellow worker… All I can say is: KARMA.
— Chelsea Green (@ImpactLVN) August 27, 2017

Hot take: if you’re unprofessional enough and enough of a garbage human to deliberately injure someone, GTFO. Don’t need ya here. kthanksbye
— Nicole Matthews (@nmatthewsninja) August 27, 2017

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