Sting, Bully Ray & Daniels Hype Sunday's Slammiversary PPV

Several of TNA’s top superstars spoke to the Boston Herald this week to promote Sunday’s Slammiversary XI pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what the following stars said:

Bully Ray: “TNA is the best wrestling product out there. We have some of the greatest veterans of pro wrestling and some of the greatest modern-day wrestlers. There’s great in-ring action, great talkers, great brawlers and hot girls. Anything that you want in pro wrestling, you can find in TNA.”

Sting: “This Sunday is going to be intense,.There is a large wrestling audience that doesn’t want to say goodbye to my generation — guys like myself and Hogan — and still appreciates us. It’s the same for me. It’s hard to walk away. I want to give Boston something to remember.”

Christopher Daniels: “This is TNA’s first time in Boston,” said Bully Ray. “This is enemy territory. I’m a New Yorker from Hell’s Kitchen, New York City. I’m a New York Yankee fan. I’m overlooking Fenway, standing atop the Green Monster, and I feel like the evil emperor . . . Our roster is second to none. When you put us in the ring and really give us the chance to go, we deliver. We’re looking to steal the show this Sunday.”

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