Speculation On Where WrestleMania 29 Will Be Held, WWE Highlighting The '90s

— The theme for WWE Classics On Demand programming during the month of May is the ’90s. A video teaser has been released with The Rock, Shawn Michaels, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin and the nWo prominently highlighted. The promo indicates that WWE Classics On Demand will count down the greatest matches of the ’90s.

— Former WWE star Mo of Men on a Mission fame celebrates his 47th birthday today.

— The latest episode of Legends of Wrestling premieres today on WWE Classics On Demand. The episode examines the effect Canada has had on on professional wrestling. Panelists include Bret Hart, Jim Ross, Michael Hayes and Pat Patterson.

— Many within WWE feel that WrestleMania will be held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2013 and both Edge and Trish Stratus will be inducted into the Hall of Fame that year.

Photo of Edge with his girlfriend ->

source: f4wonline.com