Smackdown Rating: Perspective on this week’s highest rating since Dec. 27, monthly average, perspective compared to year ago (w/Keller’s Analysis)


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This week’s WWE Smackdown Live drew a 2.o0 rating on USA Network, up from the 1.79 last week and the highest rating since the Dec. 27 2.02 high water mark since the roster split last summer. The ten-week rolling average going into this week was 1.81, so it’s well above recent levels.

January ends with a 1.86 average rating, above the 1.84 average for December, 1.76 average for November, and the 1.64 average in October. It did average a 1.83 in August before taking a dip in the fall.

One year ago Smackdown drew a 1.87 rating for the show after the Royal Rumble.

Keller’s Analysis: A good number, but way out of range of beating Ra as it did the last week of December. Coming two days after the Royal Rumble, it’s no surprise the show would do around 10 percent better than usual.