Sister Abigail/Wyatt Family News, R-Truth's Latest Single, More

– has a new poll up asking fans to vote on the “scariest” member of The Wyatt Family. Coming in at first was Braun Strowman with 47-percent of the vote. Interestingly enough, the ominous Sister Abigail came in second place with 30 percent of the vote. Bray Wyatt, despite being the leader and the mouthpiece of the group, only received 17 percent.

– “The Icon” Sting is featured in a new promo talking about his upcoming WWE title match against Seth Rollins at Night Of Champions. You can watch Sting’s promo on the WWE Network chere.

– R-Truth posted the following tweet to promote his latest single, “Pump It Up,” which is now available on iTunes.

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