Shantelle Taylor & Mike Knox Backstage, WWE Insults Former Champions

In addition to Harry Smith and Jacob Duncan, developmental wrestler Shantelle Taylor was backstage at the SmackDown tapings on Tuesday as well. WWE was looking at them for possible call-ups to the main roster in the future. You can see a picture of Taylor signing some autographs for fans outside the arena here. If you’ll notice, Mike Knox is signing some autographs next to her, so it looks like he was backstage as well. He currently has the longest active drought of physically able WWE stars not appearing on television. He has hasn’t appeared on WWE programming since mid-February. And as reported earlier, Brian Knobs was backstage at the Raw taping on Monday night. Click here to see a picture of him meeting and greeting some fans outside the arena.

In the WWE History of Champions magazine, WWE takes aim at a few people who they feel didn’t deserve to wear a championship belt including former WWE star Maven Huffman. Here is what they wrote:


Maven: The first Tough Enough winner was also a three-time Hardcore Champion. Folks, there was nothing hardcore about Maven.

The Headbangers: Between the eras of The Smoking Gunns and the New Age Outlaws, these painted poseurs in kilts became champions by default.

Oklahoma/Madusa: One was a tubby wannabe legend; the other a washed-up lady wrestler in chaps. Luckily, WCW went out of business soon after they traded the Cruiserweight Championship.

David Arquette: Does it bother anyone that the star of Eight Legged Freaks is a former WCW World Champion?

Hervina: Congratulations, Harvey Wippleman! You’re the only man to hold the Women’s Championship. Awesome.

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