Seth Rollins on The Shield Revolutionizing The Business, Reunion

Although Seth Rollins has spoken about the subject many times since re-aligning himself with Dean Ambrose, where the duo eventually captured the Raw Tag-Team Titles, “The Architect” continues to get asked about the possibility of a full reunion of The Shield in the near future.
During a recent interview with The Dakota Student, Seth Rollins was asked once again about the possibility of getting Roman Reigns back on board to get the full band back together one more time.
“Obviously right now I’m focusing on being the Raw Tag Team Champion,” said Rollins. “You know, a Shield reunion – who knows?”

Rollins continued, “I never thought Ambrose and I would be back together doing this, so if we got Roman on board, that’d be great, but we got a lot of stuff to deal with on our own. We got Cesaro and Sheamus breathing down our necks.”
With Reigns busy in singles feuds with Braun Strowman and John Cena, among others, this summer, with the latter program expected to span across multiple upcoming pay-per-views, the belief is that The Shield reunion is just talk at this point. Regardless, Rollins admits that if the band were to get back together, it would be a big deal, just as big as when the group first broke up years ago.
“We kind of revolutionized the way people thought of what a team could be to the point where,” said Rollins. “Obviously when we broke up, it was a huge deal.”
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