Sean Waltman Talks Pre-WWE HOF Nerves, Wanting Women’s Battle Royal Named After Chyna, More

During his latest X-Pac 12360 Podcast, Sean Waltman recapped his WrestleMania weekend, discussing his WWE Hall Of Fame speech. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcriptions.

On seeing Chyna’s family:

“Great seeing [Chyna’s sister] Kathy. I haven’t seen her in a long time,” said Waltman. “And I got to meet Joanie’s mom, it was really nice meeting her. And it was crazy to look in her eyes, basically I was looking into Joanie’s eyes. It’s really really weird. I saw a lot of Joanie in her. And it was amazing seeing Kathy again….”

Wanting the Women’s Battle royal to be named after Chyna:

“I did mention something before we went out, I asked a question. I said, ‘Has anyone talked about that,’” Waltman said on renaming the battle royal after Chyna. “And someone said, ‘no, no one’s ever brought it up’ and I am like ‘well I am.’… I read people going ‘oh, I am disappointed that they didn’t turn it into the Chyna Battle Royal like the next day.’ I said it the night before. Can you at least wait till next year to b*** about it? If they don’t do it next year, I can see people complaining about it. But God, can you at least give them one year?”

“I had no doubts about this but I know a lot of people did. I knew that she would be honored properly, and she was. I just thought it was really nice for her and that she’d be extremely happy with all of that. I know her as well as anyone, and it felt like she was there.”

His pre-WWE Hall Of Fame nerves:

“It was really stressful and I was nervous as f***. I was writing on little cue cards, notes & sh** up until that moment we went riding out on that Jeep. I was so nervous and there were so many people I didn’t get to thank that I wanted too, just out of being nervous and also wanting to keep it short,” stated Waltman.

“Let me just say this, there are so many people I didn’t get to thank. I didn’t get to thank Kane. And I talked to him about it afterwards, I felt so bad. My girlfriend’s telling me you need to quit worrying about all this and enjoy and I was so worried about all these people that I didn’t get to thank. There’s so many….

“What am I gonna say? Holy sh**. Like now I am in front of all these people and at least I got these four guys out there with me. But it’s been a long time since I’ve talked in front of that many people. Well, I don’t know if I’ve ever talked in front of that many people before. It was great though, regardless of how I felt about my part of it. Overall, I thought the whole Hall of Fame was good.”

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