Sean Waltman Assesses WWE UK Title Show, Praises Joe Coffey, Cedric Alexander Teases Mysterio Match

During last night’s WWE UK Championship sho, WWE legend Sean Waltman (a.k.ak X-Pac) gave some of his thoughts on what he was watching.

X-Pac noticed something that many fans likely missed, noting that he saw many wrestlers trying to adjust to the ring during the tournament. X-Pac stated that British rings tend to be much smaller, so the wrestlers were trying to get to grips with the bigger size.

I notice guys adjusting to the bigger ring. It can throw you off. British rings are way smaller.

— International House of Pac (@TheRealXPac) June 25, 2018

As well as that he praised one performer in particular, stating that he wishes Joe Coffey had gone further in the tournament, clearly being a fan of the Scotsman who was eliminated by Travis Banks in the Semi-Final.

Was hoping Joe Coffey would move on to the finals.

— International House of Pac (@TheRealXPac) June 25, 2018

 Cedric Alexander Teases Rey Mysterio Match

Following the announcement that Rey Mysterio will be the pre-order bonus for WWE 2K19, current Cruiserweight Champion, Cedric Alexander commented on Twitter, teasing a potential match between them both in the future.

. @reymysterio

— Cedric Alexander (@CedricAlexander) June 26, 2018