Scott Hall Shares Backstage Stories On Ultimate Warrior, Old WWE Days

The following are highlights of a new Title Match Wrestling interview with Scott Hall:

On never getting a lot of world title shots in his career: “I was doing whatever was asked of me. I looked at it as being a team player, whatever the team needed me to do on pay-per-view. Whether it was being on first or being on last.

On the reshuffling that took place at WWE Survivor Series 1992: “It was supposed to be Flair and I against Warrior and Savage. Warrior had a history of holding Vince up for money before pay-per-views to get his guarantees, and Vince called his bluff. They had to substitute for Warrior, so they brought Mr. Perfect in.”

“I was told prior to the match I was going to break Randy’s leg and retire him. But when you have a substitute, you have to feature the substitute, so I think I got PerfectPlex’d and Flair got PerfectPlex’d.”

Check out the complete interview below.

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