Scott Hall Denies Choking His Girlfriend Last Week

Following his arrest last week for domestic violence after allegedly choking his girlfriend in a drunken rage, Scott Hall is denying he got violent.

Hall’s lawyer Loredana Nesci tells TMZ that he did NOT choke his girlfriend, even though his girlfriend Lisa Howell told police at the time that Hall grabbed her by the throat and tried ripping her out of her car. Police observed multiple signs of injury on Howell, including red marks around her neck, so Hall was arrested.

Hall’s lawyer still denies that her client got violent, telling TMZ:

“The police arrested Mr. Hall against the wishes of Ms. Howell, who insisted that the argument did not result in violence. Ms. Howell claims that there was no physical abuse.”

Hall’s girlfriend refused to press charges, but police saw the marks on her neck, which were grounds for an arrest.

Hall’s lawyer maintains that he and Lisa Howell have a [wait for it] “peaceful and amicable relationship.”

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