Sandow's Briefcase Plans, Jericho/WMXXX Surprise?, Bryan vs. Axel

-WWE Superstar Damien Sandow, who is now referring to himself as “Sir Money In The Bank,” spoke with The Austin Chronicle recently about his plans on cashing in his Money In The Bank briefcase. “I will wait for the perfect moment, and I assure you that once I get the title, I plan on retiring with it,” said Sandow. “If I revealed my strategy, that wouldn’t be very smart, would it?”

-As previously reported, Chris Jericho finished up his current run with WWE at the latest SmackDown taping. Jericho will now go back on tour with his rock band Fozzy. According to one source, Jericho will be gone from WWE for at least several months, and his return may come as another WrestleMania XXX surprise.

-At one point, the plan was for Daniel Bryan vs. Curtis Axel to take place at SummerSlam. Instead, the two will likely compete in an upcoming RAW or SmackDown match in the next few weeks.

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