Ryback Reveals His Concerns For WWE NXT

During the latest episode of Conversations With The Big Guy, former WWE Superstar, Ryback, revealed his concerns for WWE NXT. Below are some highlights with a H/T to WrestlingInc.com for the transcriptions.

On believing NXT lacks storytelling:

“A lot of people feel that way who have tuned out. A lot of people who were in the business who don’t watch the product anymore everyone says the fans are now running the business. The marks have jumped the guardrail and they are the ones [wrestling],” said Ryback. “And I believe they are not as talented psychology-wise versus the people who came before them and this is the easier way out by just doing moves. This isn’t to say that they are not learning other things.

“NXT has a great system down there, but anybody from any generation…you can put Chris Benoit, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Hunter, and the emphasis is, okay guys, let’s just learn as many moves as we can. We are going to take the emphasis off of believability, intensity. Let’s just learn as many acrobatics as we can, all day and every day, that is all we are going to learn. People like Steve Austin is out doing hurricanranas because he can learn that move very easily, anybody can, but that is not what pro wrestling was about. All of a sudden, when the focus is just on mindless moves, I don’t know if that is a draw, but I’m going to go that it is not.”

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On his thoughts on the show so far:

“I caught a good part of the show, all the talent, everybody is young and hungry; I love it,” stated Ryback. “My concern is just from – and I was thinking about this earlier – with the direction that pro wrestling is headed with WWE and AEW. You can take all of the talents in the world, the teachings of wrestling have changed from when I was called up where it began as psychology and storytelling to now you can get a room of 100 people and teach people all of those same moves. When you go to a movie or you watch Game of Thrones week after week if it was just an hour every week of senseless killing with crazy, acrobatic moves where people are being killed in crazy ways with no story, just straight up killing every week, would the average viewer be inclined to watch week after week?

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