ROH CEO Joe Koff Talks Business

Ring of Honor CEO Joe Koff spoke to The AV Club about Ring of Honor’s business, the prospect of a streaming service, and more. Here are the highlights:
The possibility of an ROH streaming service: 
“It’s in development right now. I would expect it to be around the first of the year or a little bit after.”

The partnership between ROH & NJPW: 
“Together the two make for a stronger in-ring promotion. But they did two shows in U.S., and they have a nice clearance on AXS-TV. Not to take anything away from the quality and what they represent, but quite frankly, ROH has helped them in exposing their talent and exposing their people to a broader audience. We’re over-the-air carrier, you don’t need to pay to get us. If a New Japan star is working on Ring Of Honor television, they’re getting to see that for free. So I think the relationship is mutually beneficial.”
ROH’s business fundamentals: 
“We’re methodical and disciplined in our business fundamentals. We don’t rely on TV, we’re not Lucha Underground. We have a touring business, we sell merchandise and tickets.”

The proposed purchase of Tribune Broadcasting by ROH’s parent company, Sinclair Broadcasting: 
“It doesn’t hurt to have a bigger distribution source. The one thing I like about the proposed Tribune-Sinclair deal is that it would take us across the country. Assuming that when we have a station that becomes part of Sinclair, Ring Of Honor finds a place on it. There’s been no discussion at this point because we’re in a phase of the deal where it doesn’t make sense to get distracted by that. We’re in a middle of a four-city, four-day tour. It’s ambitious. Show me another “indie” company that does that. So I think it would be great, the Tribune portfolio of stations certainly is not going to hurt us. Will it bring more viewers, more revenue? Yeah, it should do all those things.”
The Talks between ROH and WWE:

 “I would just say it was really about content. They put together a Kevin Owens DVD and we were talking about licensing some of the footage. And conversations got into, “Would you be interested in doing more and sharing content.”

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