Ric Flair Reportedly Owed Considerable Money By TNA Wrestling

Wrestling journalist Mike Mooneyham, a longtime friend of Nature Boy Ric Flair, is reporting that Flair is owed a “considerable amount” of backpay by TNA Wrestling. TNA owing Flair money is said to be the reason for Flair’s dispute with company officials on the recent European tour.

According to Mooneyham, Flair felt disrespected by TNA on the tour and asked them for advance pay based on them owing him money for future dates on the tour and money unrelated to the tour.

After Flair was denied the money, he was told the reason management would not advance any pay to talent is because former TNA star Dustin “Goldust” Runnels took advantage of TNA by getting money advanced and they no longer do this. Flair was offended and asked, “Am I Dustin Rhodes? Is that my spot in the company?”

It’s been reported that Flair has been asking co-workers to borrow money at bars, which Mooneyham says is untrue.

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(Source: Mikemooneyham.com)