RESIST DAY #35: What You Can Do Today

Thursday, February 23, 2017

  • Tell your elected representatives to publicly condemn the Trump administration’s attack on transgender students’ civil rights.
    • Call today; More details here.
    • Voice your support online (and see others doing the same) using the hashtag #
  • With congressional lawmakers in their home districts this week, the following tools have been established so you can find the Town Hall or public event nearest you:
    • — The organizers behind the “Indivisible Guide” have created this , as well as a “” to help if your representative is dodging your concerns.  On Twitter: #ReclaimRecess
    • — Just enter your zip code to find a Town Hall or similar event in your area.
    • — Organized by MoveOn members, another effort to hold lawmakers accountable. . On Twitter: #ResistanceRecess
  • #WeWillReplaceYou continues its efforts to make sure Democrats are resisting Trump with everything they have. Learn more and take action .
  • The American Federation of Teachers (AFT) offered these example tweets:
    • @BetsyDeVosEd should support public schools and ensure we have the tools needed to do our jobs. #Pencils4Betsy #LoveTeaching
    • Educators spend hundreds of $ out of pocket every year on supplies for their classrooms. We #LoveTeaching, but need support. #Pencils4Betsy
    • Chalk, books, markers, gym supplies, tissues and paper. Our schools need basic supplies, @BetsyDeVosED. #Pencils4Betsy #LoveTeaching
  • Our Revolution is helping to organize rallies in communities nationwide on Saturday 2/25. Find one near you (or create one) .

What You Can Be Doing Every Day 

  • Check out the See if there’s a local Indivisible group in your area. If there isn’t, start one.
  • ” also has a running schedule of events and actions.
  • Sign up to receive ” on your mobile device
  • Everyday: Make your voice heard with “” (because calling your lawmaker actually works)
  • Every Sunday: Join “” Strategy Calls
  • Every Tuesday:  (or on Twitter)