Report: Ronda Rousey Wants Program with Nia Jax to Be Short

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, RAW Women’s Champ Ronda Rousey and people inside the WWE want Rousey’s program with challenger Nia Jax to be short. 
Jax earned the right to a title shot with the victory at the Evolution Battle Royal, but if the report is correct then her feud with Rousey will only be temporary. Rousey wants the focus of her vengeance to be shifted upon Charlotte Flair to get payback for the Survivor Series kendo stick beating before eventually going after SmackDown Women’s Champ Becky Lynch. The rumors are that the former UFC champ wants the focus on her versus Flair and Lynch, not Jax. Rousey is said to very much want to finish what never got started in her meeting with Lynch at Survivor Series because Lynch was pulled after Jax concussed her and broke her nose.
Stay tuned to see how this situation plays out, but WWE will need to keep Rousey as happy as they possibly can in the meantime while they attempt to solidify her as the face of the company going forward. Allegedly, backstage heat on Nia Jax seems to be very real as well, so this could likely give WWE plenty of reason to shorten Jax’s time in the championship picture. 

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