Reby Hardy Posts Jeff Jarrett’s Recent DUI, Goes on Another Rant

These days it seems as if we’ll never get an answer as to who truly owns the rights to Matt Hardy’s wildly successful “Broken” gimmick from last year. On the bright side though, we have plenty of social media battles between Reby Hardy and Impact Wrestling officials to look forward to until we get some sort of resolution. In a recent interview with Wrestle:List, top Impact official Jeff Jarrett made headlines with some of his comments. During the interview, Jeff expressed how confident he was that he owned the rights to the popular gimmick.
Jarrett stated: “I always take the high road because there is legal squabbles or potential legal squabbles but I have said this to a couple of outlets, and I say this with very broad strokes – I am from Nashville so I am around music which is intellectual property and I have been in the business 30 years. Intellectual property laws are very simple, there are two sides to it; there are publishers and the writers, then there are the performers as well. Jeff Hardy has been one of my best friends for 20 years, you can look on my social media and their social media, and we take family vacations together but business is business. So when it relates to IP it’s real simple, there is a publisher who owns the property, there is a writer who gets credit and can monetize it, then there is the performers. There is no question that Broken Matt and Brother Nero’s performances were off the charts good. But when it comes to ownership to me its almost a silly squabble, it’s never been in question. Impact are the owners.”
These statements, and the comment about taking “the high road” in particular, set off yet another rant on Twitter from Reby Hardy. The wife of Matt Hardy wrote:

Stop doing stupid interviews before I release your drunk texts & the DUI records that somehow haven’t gotten out WAIT OOPS @RealJeffJarrett
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) June 22, 2017
Don’t say you wanna be done with drama in a quiet manner & then have company stooges like Jeff & Dutch give interviews spewing BS.

— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) June 22, 2017
Truth is TNA can’t afford to go to court over this, so they’re going to downplay it to anyone who will listen & lie to look powerful
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) June 22, 2017

She went off on Jarrett and the folks over at Impact Wrestling with a few other tweets as well. Hardy also revealed something very interesting in that the family apparently has some dirt on the TNA Wrestling founder. Sure enough, Reby came through when she posted an arrest record of Jarrett’s from a few months ago:
Violation of ignition. Hot & fresh out the kitchen.
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) June 22, 2017
Impact Wrestling officials have not yet responded to Reby’s Twitter rant. Back a while ago, we saw Impact President Ed Nordholm leak out a portion of Matt Hardy’s TNA contract, as well as an email exchange with members of WWE. Furthermore, it seems as though the Hardys have gained another supporter in Shane “Hurricane” Helms, who recently departed from Impact Wrestling. Helms weighed in with this comment:
It’s funny how often the people who say “It’s business, nothing personal.” are usually the ones f’n people over.
— Gregory Shane Helms (@ShaneHelmsCom) June 22, 2017
Who knows when this battle between the Hardys and Anthem will be over with? Both sides are relentless in giving in to the other side, but maybe someday we will get some sort of payoff to all of this. Matt Hardy recently promised fans that the “Broken Universe” would hit WWE one day during an interview on the WWE Network. Unfortunately though, we still may have a long way to go before that day ever comes. Reby Hardy did reveal that she has more bad news for the Jarretts, and she threatened to release some of it if they do not give up the fight soon.
Gimme a sec & I’ll find the newest one.
Keep coming for my family tho.
— Reby Hardy (@RebyHardy) June 22, 2017