RAW Report 10/5/09 Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

NFL music and out comes Steeler Ben Roethlisberger. He gets mostly pop form the fans. I can’t tell if there’s underlying heat or not. He’s on stage and says he knows there’s Eagles fans and Steelers fans, but tonight it’s about RAW. He has a surprise. It’s the Diva Bowl. Diva faces out in Steelers uniforms – of various desrtuction. Then out in white jerseys and black pants. Gail Kim is ref, right down to the yellow penalty flags on her hip.

Mickie in to start and all the heels in to face her all the faces in. They run in place and tackle! Kim lets them go briefly then whistles and throws her flag. Too many Divas on the field. Then Rosa and Mickie back in to really start. Rosa went all Karate Kid and one kick took her out. Fox tags in and they really go at it. Mickie is whipped but gets an elbow up. Head scissors to Fox then a really bad neckbreaker to Fox but Natalya breaks it up. Eve tags in and attacks Natalya. Natalya from the ring but is taken out by Jillian. Kelly in onto Jillian. No tagging at this point, people just coming in. Layla on Kelly with a neckbreaker but Maria takes Layla down. Rosa hits a sidewalk slam on Maria. Bella twins take Rosa down but Beth double clotheslines them. Melina in and drops Beth. Michelle in and takes out Melina. Mickie back in and hits her DDT on Michelle. Then Fox is in, but Mickie up on her shoulders and rolls through for three.

– Winners: Bella Twins, Eve, Kelly, Melina, Maria & Mickie

They celebrate in the ring, but then Orton’s music. He comes slowly stalking out. The Divas line up in the ring and look up the ramp at him. Orton looks around and slowly stalks down. He glares at the Divas as he comes down, so slowly. Orton is then announced as he gets half way down. He poses there as the camera fades out.

– Commercial

Orton in the ring, Divas no where to be found. He says last night at HIAC he defeated Cena and became a six time WWE Champion. People say he uses shortcut, need backup and flat out cheat. Tell him this, when did last night did he need backup? When did he need shortcuts? In the HIAC he beat Cena, end of story. He’s willing to be at any moment Cena will come out any moment, interrupt him and ask for a rematch. Cena, do what he needs to do, come out, say what he needs to say. Because Orton knows exactly what he’s going to say to Cena. “Pretty loud “Cena” chants. Finally Cena’s music hits and he comes out. He’s much less animated than he normally is, but does run to the ring. Cena’s ready for his rematch. Orton says Cena looks awful excited, but he won’t get a rematch for the title tonight. Cena says that Orton told the WWE Universe what they know and that’s that he doesn’t give a damn about them. But Orton is a WWE Superstar who strives to be the best. What Cena’s out there to do is congratulate Orton on his win. People might not agree, but Orton walked in and then walked out Champion. He could tell us how brutal HIAC is, but Orton, there was something special about HIAC last night. Something he noticed before, during and at the end of the match. Over 16,000 of the WWE Universe on their feet during that match. There were points in that match when they were chanting for Cena and points in that match that they were chanting for Orton. All of those people were hanging on their every move. Cena versus Orton has become a rivalry. No, it’s become THE rivalry. Everyone knows when they’re in the ring together the result is simply amazing. Whether it be a singles match, triple threat, an I quit match, a HIAC… Cena wants to do it one more time. Cena thinks the fans agree with him. Cena does care about the WWE Universe and does want to give them one more match. Not just one more match but THE match. Cena wants an Iron Man Match. 60 minutes on the clock, at the end the man with the most decisions win. A sign in the audience that says “boring” keeps popping up and down as Cena goes on and on. Another one says “Cena = Overrated”. Cena thinks it will be so epic, so remarkable, so legendary that this is how the rivalry ends. There will be no second chances, no rematches, that’s it. He asks Orton what he thinks. Orton asks Cena if he thinks Orton is stupid? Let’s say Orton agrees and Cena wins, then Orton doesn’t get a rematch. Orton does agree they have to end it, but on Orton’s terms. Cena asks what? Orton says if Cena wins, he gets the title. Orton wins, then Cena’s gone from RAW for good. Cena looks nervous. Orton says he can go to SD!, ECW, doesn’t care. But he wants Cena off his show. Cena runs through the stipulations again. Then Cena agrees. He accepts. He says that’s all Orton wants… Orton says that’s not all he wants. He wants No DQ, No Countouts, on Orton’s terms. Cena says they can use the steel steps, ring posts, steel chairs, handcuffs, kendo sticks, announce table, inside the ring, outside the ring, and make it the biggest knock down, drag them out fight ever. Is that what Orton’s saying? Orton says exactly. Take it or leave it? Cena says 60 minutes for the championship and if Cena loses he leaves RAW. Cena never backs down form a fight, Orton’s on. Cena shakes, drops his mic and leaves the ring. Cena determined up the ramp while Orton watches closely. Cena poses on the stage. Orton keeps glaring.

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Video about the Ben Roethlisberger Foundation.

Jack Swagger out to the ring. A great Daffy Duck poster for Swagger is shown. He grabs a mic in the ring. He says he looks like a winer, smells like a winner and is a winner. FYI, he didn’t get pinned last night and going forward, will not lose. For the rest of the year he promises to go undefeated. He’s the All American American and approves that message. Primo out to face him.

They lock up and Jack takes Primo down and back up. Kick to Primo, fling him around, but Primo hits head scissors. Primo whipped and then Jack on the corner splashes Primo on the mat for two. Jack outside works over Primo on the apron. Jack chokes Primo on the ropes and hits him in the upper back. Belly to belly slam (not suplex) for two. Bear hug on Primo. Primo slammed into a corner then shoulders to Primo’s gut. Jack rushes Primo in the corner but Primo moves ad rolls Jack up for two. Primo back in the corner but tries to fight back. A back elbow and then a foot and forearms to the face. Dropkick to Jack for two. Primo out to the apron and then slingshots but into Jack’s foot! Gutwrench powerbomb for three.

– Winner: Jack Swagger

Video of the high points in the match. Swagger poses and leaves the ring.

Jeri-Show talking backstage.

– Commercial

Divas screaming their heads off backstage. Santino in ref gear and a whistle stops them. He starts talking, putting in the football ref echo and says – prior to snap, encroachment, number 23, defense, ten yards, automatic first down. Mickie asks what he’s talking about. He says he’s getting in the football spirit and no one likes to see Divas fighting. So why doesn’t she and Felicia kiss and makeup? They say no. Santino wants them to kiss. Fox has a better idea and slaps him. They fighting starts again and he gets tossed out of the melee.

Cole and King talk about Bragging Rights and the matches on the card already.

Roethlisberger talking to a staff guy. Then Miz is there. He asks if he heard what Swagger said out there? That Miz is the loser? Roethlisberger asks Miz what happened. Miz admitted he got pinned. But he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. Roethlisberger’s awesome two Sundays a year. The Miz is awesome all the time! Why Miz is there is he wants a shot at Kofi and the title tonight. Wouldn’t Roethlisberger have liked one more shot at the Bears after he screwed it up? It’s his birthday week! Roethlisberger tells him to settle down and that he can do it. Miz will face Kofi tonight. Roethlisberger says one stipulation… If Miz loses he has to get in the ring, with the mic and he has to tell everyone, as loud as he can, “I’m the Miz and I’m AWFUL!” Miz glares then leaves.

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Slam Of The Week – Masters snapped on Hornswoggle last week. Chavo came in and attacked Masters to break the hold.

Chavo comes out with Masters. The Cool Aid Brigade come out to face them.

Masters and Henry start and Masters tries to push Henry. Masters flung down to the mat. Henry then backs Masters into a corner. Side headlock on Henry, but he comes back with a shoulder block. Henry splashes on the mat but Henry looks like he hurt his knee doing it! MVP tags in and Henry limps around outside. Cheap shot on Chavo after he hit MVP, but the distraction gave Masters a chance to gain control. Chavo tags in and really works MVP over. The ref has to pull Chavo off MVP. Chavo hits a low dropkick on Henry’s leg on the apron and he’s back to the floor trying to get his bearings. Elbow drop on MVP for two. Chavo stomping MVP and yelling comments. Chavo rushes MVP who hits one of the fastest belly to belly suplexes I have ever seen. Not sure Chavo landed the best, but damn that was fast! Clotheslines to Chavo, but then Chavo reverses a whip. But MVP gets another clothesline. MVP hits ballin’ on Chavo. MVP to pin Chavo but Masters in. Masters to drop an elbow on MVP, but MVP moves so the move hits Chavo rather than MVP. Henry in and clotheslines Masters to get rid of him. MVP pinned Chavo for three.

– Winners: MVP & Henry

Henry is either selling the knee beautifully or he’s really tweaked it. King said something about having a trainer look at it, so I’m really not sure if it’s a shoot or a work. MVP pumps Henry up to get him up the ramp. In the ring Masters get in Chavo’s face. Then Masters attacked Chavo. Masters lock on the masterlock but Hornswoggle into the ring and bit Masters’ leg to get him to let go of Chavo. Masters backed Hornswoggle into a corner. When Masters turned back Chavo took him down hard. That left Hornswoggle and Chavo in the ring. Hornswoggle was all happy and gave his version of the DX crotch chops before leaving Chavo confused.

Backstage Ben Roethlisberger is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Ben Roethlisberger comes out to the ring. He’s trying to get the fans pumped again, but they’re pretty quiet. He tries to get them louder but Jeri-Show’s music cuts him off. Out they come, Jericho in sexy suit, Big Show in a polo shirt and dress pants. Big Show tells Roethlisberger to be easy. No reason to be intimidated. He’s just trying to figure out why they call him Big Ben. He doesn’t get it. He’s heard of the big offensive line, but they can’t be that big! Jericho says he bets they’re not as big as him. Big Show laughs at this and asks where they are. Roethlisberger says it’s funny they should ask that. He invites them out. Out comes Darnell Stapleton, Willie Colon, Trai Essex, Justin Hartwig, Chris Kemoeatu and Max Starks. They line up on the stage at the top of the ramp looking HUGE! Then they walk down to the ring in a group. Big Show looks a bit more nervous now. They all get in the ring. Big Show walks the line of them all. He stares down one at the end. Jericho asks if they should be intimidated? All he sees is a mass of adipose tissue, useless mesomorphs. This is not a football field. It’s a WWE ring. Big Show and he (Jericho) don’t wear helmets and pads. They don’t take time off for turf toe. He suggests they get in their little huddle and get a good strategy because they’re the greatest team in sports, not them, the Steelers. They do then huddle up! Break! Then they line up against Big Show. Roethlisberger says to quarterback sneak this, but then Big Show leaves the ring. They taunt Big Show and Jericho from inside the ring. Then DX’s music and out they come. The line loves them as much as the fans! HBK in to meet the guys. HHH poses then in to meet them. Jeri-Show up on the ramp as the fans go wild for DX. Jericho says he should have expected this. A potential Sports Center moment ruined by two miscreants, two delinquents who have nothing more on their minds than selling their merchandise – DX shirts, sweatbands, hats and their new book coming out tomorrow. Go to WWE ShowZone to find it all. Pathetic! Pathetic! “You suck” chants from the fans. HHH says actually, thanks for the plug. They didn’t come out to do any of that. They came out to tell him how nice his hair looks today. Jericho looks happy and cocky. He asks, “Really?” HHH says, “Hell no! Your hair looks ridiculous!” Jericho looks about to cry. HBK says he’d like to play games with everybody, but he spent what felt like an eternity getting his back side handed to him last night. Then he had to listen to them run their mouths about all the great tag teams they’ve faced. They have, but there’s one they haven’t faced. Big Show asks if it was a challenge? HBK says he has staples in his head, his knees are killing him, his backs killing him. His body hurts from head to toe. Challenge? Yeah, he guesses so. Big Show says HBK has a big bark. Go, take care of his wounds and come back another day because DX doesn’t want any of Jeri-Show. Jericho says their not worthy anyway. Away from all these tapeworms, they don’t mean a thing. They don’t deserve to face them. Roethlisberger stops Jeri-Show from leaving. He says that they’ll be facing his boys tonight. If they’re not down with that, they have two words for them… Suck it! HHH got everyone lines up in the ring and the whole group did the DX crotch chop to the pyro! That was very cool looking, even though I don’t like this host much. They all mull around and then do the chop pose for the camera together.

– Commercial

Video from earlier when Roethlisberger announced the Diva Bowl. Then bits of the Diva Bowl. Lastly the offensive line in the ring chopping and posing with DX.

Kofi out to the ring. Kofi is announced as being from Ghana tonight as he has been the past couple weeks. Miz comes out to the ring to face him for the US Championship. Miz’s fake tan is quite dark tonight.

They lock up and work around the ring. Miz slaps Kofi and then Kofi sends Miz through the ropes and out. Head butt to Kofi for two. Knee to Kofi’s throat as his back’s on the bottom rope. Kofi takes Miz down a couple times and then pins for two. Miz out to regroup. Miz rushes Kofi who ducks and rolls Miz up. Miz runs the ropes and then stops to attack Kofi from behind. Fist to the side of Kofi’s head and then back elbows in a corner. Punches to Kofi in a corner. Miz rushes Kofi in a corner, Kofi moves and Miz eats it. Kofi fights back with punches in the corner. Miz sends Kofi to the apron but eats a forearm. Kofi on the second rope but Miz scoops his leg and Kofi falls to the floor.

– Commercial

Chinlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi up but a knee to the gut. Kofi reverses a move, lands on top of Miz for two. Miz hits a hard clothesline on Kofi to make his head slam back. Miz on Kofi with punches until the ref pulls him off. Leg drop for two. Miz kicking on Kofi. Kofi to his feet. Kofi telegraphs but it kicked for it. Kofi somehow hit a spinning kick that sends Miz from the ring. Kofi goes out of the ring to get Miz. Miz rolled in and Kofi pins for two. Kofi grabs Miz but Miz rolls Kofi up for two. Clothesline to Miz and Kofi’s fired up. Miz moves and then Kofi hits his double leg drop. Miz gets the ropes to break the count. Miz rolls out and hangs Kofi up on the ropes. High knee to Kofi, but Kofi gets a backslide for two. Exchanging blows. Miz kicks but then a couple flying forearms from Kofi. Kofi climbs and hits a crossbody but Miz rolls through to pin for two. Kofi hits his s.o.s. for two. Kofi up on the second ropes in the corner but loses his balance and falls. Miz hits his skull crushing finale for three!

– Winner: Miz!

Miz is about beside himself hugging the title belt to his chest. Video of high points when the match went back and forth. Miz poses with his new championship and grabs a mic. Miz says we’re looking at the new US Championship. Because he’s the Miz and he’s awesome. The fans said awful just before Miz said awesome.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about Roethlisberger and all he’s done. Then they go on to talk about Bragging Rights. Video from earlier between Cena and Orton setting up their match for BR.

Backstage Hornswoggle with Roethlisberger. He says Roethlisberger, big. Hornswoggle, little. Ug, ug, ug. Santino comes in talking about being slapped by the Divas and mauled by them. He then calls him Ben Surfinturfer. Ben corrects him and Santino says, Rawhenburger. Ben corrects him again. Santino says, Rottenburber. Again Ben corrects him. Santino says, Rockerroller. Ben corrects AGAIN! Santino calls him, Bralesswonder. Bed said his last name VERY slow for Santino. Santino says he’s Italian and it’s difficult for him to pronounce! Hornswoggle slaps Santino. Santino says, “Ben Roethlisberger, welcome to RAW.” Santino walks off smiling. Ben holds and hand up for Hornswoggle, but then has to put it lower for Hornswoggle to high five him.

Backstage Jeri-Show on their way to the ring.

– Commercial

Next week Nancy O’Dell and Maria Menounos will be hosting RAW.

Jeri-Show out to the ring. DX out to face them.

HHH and Jericho start. They lock up and Jericho is backed into a corner, but back out. Then Jericho backed in and then out. The ref broke them up. Cole commented on the term Jeri-show as if it was a new thing. They locked up again and a side headlock on HHH. “HHH” chants. HHH pushes Jericho off but Jericho hits a shoulder block on HHH. HHH comes back with a hip toss and then works Jericho’s arm. HBK in with chops to Jericho. Jericho is whipped but gets a foot up. “HBK” chants. Scoop slam to HBK. Jericho with smack talk to HBK. Big Show tags in. Big Show rushes HBK who moves quickly and tags out. HHH stares in at Big Show before slowly starting to climb in.

– Commercial

Big Show has a bear hug on HHH in the center of the ring. Big Show hit a sidewalk slam on HHH during the break. HHH punches the heck out of Big Show’s head, but can’t get away. Jericho talking a lot of smack to HHH from the corner. HHH claps Big Show’ ears a couple times to get out. HHH is whipped and then splatted in a the corner. Big Show covers for two. Big Show drags HHH to the heel corner and tags in Jericho. Punches to HHH’s head. Jericho poses to heat then kicks HHH in the head while he’s down. They exchange blows and Jericho is whipped. Jericho gets a foot up and comes off the corner with a dropkick on HHH for two. Jericho stands on HHH as he’s choked in the second rope. Jericho rushes to land on HHH’s back in the ropes, but HHH moves. HHH manages to tag out. HBK all over Jericho with an inverted atomic drop and then a clothesline, but then HBK is whipped and hits the mat. Big Show tags in and Jericho holds HBK’s legs up while Big Show drops a leg on HBK’s chest. Big Show pulls HBK up into a high bear/groin/leg hold and then slams him to the mat. Big Show talks smack to HBK. Big Show grinds a foot into HBK’s back while Jericho tells HBK to stay down and give up. Punches to HBK’s back as he holds the ropes to stay afloat. Jericho tags in and HBK gets a punch in! Clothesline to HBK for two. Kick to HBK’s gut and then a knee into HBK’s back while his arms are wrenched back. Huge “HBK” chants. HBK to his feet ad stomps Jericho’s foot to get free. HBK grabs Jericho and rolls him up for two. Jericho locks on the walls in the center of the ring. HHH calls for the fans to get behind HBK. HHH reaches as far as he can, but Jericho pulls HBK back. Again HHH almost gets the tag but Jericho pulls him back. Jericho keeps screaming at HBK, but HBK won’t quit and can’t reach HHH. HHH rushes in and attacks Jericho from behind illegally. Both men are down and HHH back to the apron. Jericho tags out but HBK is in the wrong corner. Big Show to HBK but eats a foot, and then another foot! The third time Big Show rushes HBK, he somehow flings himself out to hit a low dropkick to Big Show’s knee. Big Show grabs HBK’s ankle so he can’t crawl away. Dropkick to Big Show’s face and the fans are wild! HHH finally gets the tag. Jericho tags in and reverses a whip, but then is pushed into a corner and then a clothesline on Jericho for two. Facebuster to Jericho and Cole says that’s vintage HHH. But then Big Show grabs HHH’s head from outside. HHH gets away and Jericho slams into Big Show. HHH hits a spinebuster on Jericho. HHH and the fans are pumped. HHH sets up for the pedigree, but Big Show rushed in and locks his hand around HHH’s throat. HBK rushes in and Big Show grabs HBK bu the throat. They get free and set Big Show for a double suplex. They can’t get the move off and he double suplexes DX! Everyone down but Big Show. Big Show sees HHH and rushes HHH who pulls the ropes down and Big Show flies from the ring. Jericho grabs HHH and rolls him up using the ropes, but HHH kicks out. Jericho tries to lock on the walls but HHH spins out of the hold. HHH sets up for the pedigree but Big Show grabs HHH from outside and pulls him from the ring. HBK flies over the top onto Big Show, but Big Show catches HBK in the air. But HHH attacks and HBK is put down. They push Big Show face first into the ring post. Then the two of them rush Big Show and push him over the barrier into the bell area. HHH and HBK back into the ring. Jericho between them and he flees. Jericho up the ramp to get away but NFL music and the offensive line led by Roethlisberger comes out to stop Jericho. Jericho stops and backs up slowly down the ramp. As Jericho turns HBK grabs him and they’re all back in the ring. Sweet chin music and HHH pins Jericho for three.

– Winners: HBK & HHH

Roethlisberger with glow sticks and the whole offensive line, all in DX shirts, to the ring to celebrate with DX. Belly bump between HHH and a Steeler. Cole said Ben is RAWthlisberger. They all crotch chop to the in ring pyro again. They all bounce around the ring laughing and posing. Roethlisberger and DX pose together. They’re all having a fabulous time, just wish it was as much fun for the fans to watch them.

Biggest pop
Ben Roethlisberger

Biggest heat