RAW is Previewed – June 10th, 2019

The fallout show from Super Showdown (a Wrestlemania equivalent show because we said so) will be a night of fun and plenty of build up to another Pay-Per-View, this one not shoehorned into the schedule with Stomping Ground in two weeks. Have a read of some of the already rumored and confirmed show.

Samoa Joe is set up to speak with the Miz about his US Title. The title, that at Super Showdown, Joe supposedly entered into the 51 men Battle Royal because no one wanted a shot at his title. One of those unintended consequences of the WWE creative’s choices that made sense to get Joe into the Battle Royal, but now it makes the title seem like it’s not wanted. I guess the Miz will be addressing that?

What else to watch for:

Kurt Hawkins and Zach Ryder will finally show up on Raw after being eliminated from the Super Showdown Battle Royal in a three-way tag match
The 24/7 title shenanigans will continue. One of the funnier storylines going right now
Brock will be back to talk about his lack of redemption of the money in the bank contract?
Building up to Becky/Lacey at Stomping Ground
We will be forced to listen to Shane and Drew McIntyre high fiving each other for beating up on Roman

This and much more like, will we say Bray Wyatt’s storyline continue? Is Lars Sullivan going to show up too?
What say you AW?

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